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clawofcat's Journal

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6 August 1986
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Email: ClawofCat@aol.com

After many years of lurking and reading Spuffy fanfiction, I finally decided to take a crack at writing some myself in March 2007 thanks to hollydb. Also, it seemed unfair that I wasn't commenting on some of the truly amazing work I came across in the fandom, and decided to create an account so I could. Most of my work comes in the form of ficlets and one-shots heavy on angst and kink. Although I often write Spuffy, I frequently experiment with other het pairings that feature Spike or Angel. Expect to find a decent collection of Spike/Dawn and Faith/Angel fics herein, alongside a smattering of other pairings. All of my stories can be accessed from my sidebar.

I recently graduated from college as an anthropology major with a religion minor. Now comes the figuring out what to do with the rest of my life. No pressure!

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