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Fic Master List - Menstruation in the Buffyverse

Blood has always been an important element in the supternatural and magical context of the Buffyverse. As Spike says in The Gift, "It's always got to be blood. Blood is life. Why do you think we eat it? It's what keeps you going. Makes you warm. Makes you hard. Makes you other than dead."

And, yet, on a show where blood was central to the conflict between vampires and humans/Slayers, as takers and givers of the substance, there was a limited amount of screen time dedicated to it, let alone a very unique sort of bloodletting - menstruation.

Below is a list of fics that deal with menstruation to varying degrees. In some, it is central to the story, in others it is a scene or chapter in a longer fic. All fics are listed alphabetically by pairing and title, and range in length from drabbles to multi-chapter stories.

I'd like to get as comprehensive a list as possible, so if you know of any stories that were not included below, please drop a link. I'd like to keep the quality of these stories high, so please no OOC PWPs.

If you could pimp this thread, I'd really appreciate it! I love to have as many pairings as possible represented, but there are some circles of the fandom I'm just not very familiar with. Meta on blood and menstruation to follow in the next day or two. I have many thoughts.

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Birthday Wishes

to rebcakeand snickfic! I hope you both had a wonderful day. I was planning on writing a little something for each of you, but work has taken me away from fic the last few days. I'll owe you one. *wink*

In other news, I haven't checked my flist in about 3 days since work's been keeping me busy and I've been out in the evenings, so if there's anything I missed or you think I'd enjoy, feel free to drop a link. I'm planning to make three posts tonight or tomorrow - I finished S1 of True Blood, so there will be thoughts. I've been meaning to plug the upcoming Ken Burns documentary on PBS this weekend on the National Park system and will post a few pics of me at the ones I visited on my roadtrip. I also have been meaning to compile a list of fics that feature or include in some capacity menstruation, either in sex or as an actual plot point. urania_calliopemade a post about this recently and I've been meaning to impart some thinky thoughts on the matter. I can only think of a few stories off the top of my head with this sort of content, so if you know of any now, start dropping links. I'd like to make as comprehensive a list as possible.
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Spawn manip

I put in a mod request over at nekid_spikeearlier this month for a story art/manip for my upcoming Spike/Dawn future fic and this is what the talented angelstoy came up with. Is that not incredibly lovely?

I'm so backwards though, I swear. Yes, let's write the remix of the concept before you write the original concept! Dumbass. But, I did get down 500 words on the seasonal_spuffyremix this afternoon, so progress is being made, if only little bits at a time. I might even make my deadline this time! Anyone know when enigmaticblues is going to be sending out our posting dates, btw?

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A Love Letter To My First Fandom - The Batverse

I've been feeling rather nostalgic lately for my first true fandom. I'm not sure why, but that old longing of yore has crept up on me. You see, before there was Buffy/Spike there was Batman/Catwoman and Nightwing/Oracle. Here's a brief history on how I got into them  - TV and comics brought me to fanfic - the first fic stories that made an impression on me, an it's similarities to why I heart certain Buffyverse characters and my own writing.

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So, I've shown you mine. Why not show me yours? What was your first fandom and, if you read fanfiction for it, can you remember the first story you read or one that made a major impression on you?

I will also happily accept recs for Batman/Catwoman or Nightwing/Oracle fanfiction. *holds out hands imploringly*
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Last Meme Response

hello_spikey said: I adored the parallel descriptions that showcased the differences between the main characters in Elevator Down. Classic.

I think it’s no secret that I’m a big Lilah fan, so her odd disappearance from the S5 Angel landscape didn’t sit well with me and, honestly, didn’t make much sense. Eve was a poor replacement, someone who seemed like an unlikely choice as her successor, and I wanted to play with that idea. How did she get to fill those shoes as the liaison to the Senior Partners? I’ve wanted to expand into the lesser characters of AtS, so this fic was going to be that first experiment with Eve as the person who actually orchestrated Lilah’s downfall in S4 as part of Lindsey’s master plan. Angel is a show that has a large scope. The actions in later seasons are shown to have deep roots in seeds that were sewn earlier in the series. Just as Cordy was part of the big, good vs. evil power play, I thought it’d be really interesting to explore if Lilah had been one of those unfortunate casualties, too.  


A problem that I had writing this fic was how I wanted to deal with the structure of Eve and Lilah’s conversations. Ultimately, I had them all take place in the Wolfram & Hart elevator as a nod to the Holland Manners/Angel convo from S2. The idea that Wolfram & Hart is this massive, unending entity was great, and I liked including the small details of what was housed on each floor whenever Lilah and/or Eve stepped off.


I was originally going to have Gavin be a bigger player in the story. I thought it’d be hilarious if zombie!Gavin were the elevator operator and got to witness Lilah’s downfall by bits and degrees, but he eventually took a back seat in the fic, and I only included him in the conference room scene.


Meme Responses Cont'd

Here are the last two responses to the unwritten fic meme. Previous post found here.

snickfic asked: Ooh, I want to hear about the Faith/Giles fic. You know the one - Cat o' Nine Tails, which I almost didn't read because I was sure it'd be BDSM but which instead had all that yummy hurty post-series h/c.

One problem that I had, among many, with S7 was that Whedon & Co. never utilized the history that Buffy had with the First from S3. The Bringers are what make her realize who she’s dealing with, but the First never appears as Jenny and, from what we gather, doesn’t try and approach Giles to probe him for weaknesses. In this fic I wanted to take the idea that Giles, as the authority and father figure to Buffy, was viewed as an excellent pawn for manipulation. The fresh doubt that the First as Jenny generates in Giles is a hard blow to his character and cripples the early stages of building the Council after the battle is over. The First may have been defeated, but it definitely left its mark. After his sabotage and unwitting compromise of Buffy’s safety, as well as the Potentials, his doubt in himself not only stymies their future, but the success of the group as the Scooby’s backpedal on their allegiance to him.


I chose Faith as the character to try to shore him up because of her unique history with Watchers. Her determination not to see him fail stemmed directly from her own failures with Wesley. As much as Buffy and Faith are alike, we never really see Buffy dedicate herself to Giles and really understand the choices he had to make as an adult. She’s his world, but he’s not hers, and I think Faith would be in a unique position to have a lot of empathy with him. She’s not always made good choices either, and that moral ambiguity has put them on a level playing field.


And I’m really glad you brought up the title. I like clever word plays and this one, of course, has connotations about BDSM, but the cat o’nine tails was also used as a weapon for severe physical punishment in the Royal Navy and Army. Giles’ own doubt is this multi-pronged attack on himself, one of self-loathing that we’ve never seen before. Penalties of hundreds of lashes were imposed for the gravest offenses, including sedition and mutiny, which Giles inadvertently commits. The weapon also inflicts parallel wounds, which was supposed to loosely be a metaphor for Giles and Faith’s parallel journey together of acceptance of self and reintegration to the mission they were born to do.

Fangel vs. Spuffy

Meme Responses

What was great about generating responses to this meme was a few actually touched on fics that I started awhile back, but never really got off the ground, like this one.

Without further ado, deird1asked: What about Twenty-Nine Hands? I just loved the symbolism of the desert scenes.

That story is one of the few that was actually inspired by fanart. Shortly after I came back from my cross country roadtrip in summer 2008, framedinloveposted this Spuffy manip called Junction to her journal. It's got such a great sense of place - the desert, the heat, the spartan decor, the surreal, pre-fab house - that I immediately knew I wanted to tell a story set in Arizona, which was one of the states I'd visited and loved. I've always been fond of post-apocalyptic future fics and I thought the bareness of the desert and the remote isolation really gave  weight to the world that Buffy, Spike and Dawn were left to. At that point, I'd also recently graduated from college and I'd been very close to minoring in Native American studies. Religion ultimately won out, but I thought it'd be fascinating to write a story using cultural influences and myth as a central part of the narrative. The First Slayer in all her primordial fierceness was a point of fascination for me when I watched the series and I wanted to use the idea of Slayer prophecy and Native American myth and magic to further explore Buffy's abilities. I still really like how I was able to express the deep bonds that our supernatural heroes had with the 29 surviving members of the Native tribe.

One scene that I hesitated including - starved, vampire famine victims aside! - was Buffy and Dawn in bed together because of the somewhat incestuous connotations. I hope, ultimately, what came across was the deep, emotional trauma that all of them were going through. In a world where everything they knew was gone, that closeness, despite moral ambiguity, seemed really important for them to have with each other and Spike. Their cycle of survival - Spike hunting for them and his feeding off of them for his own sustanence - was one of the most rewarding parts of this fic to work on.
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This is such an odd meme, but so neat in concept that I just have to try it. Snagged from numerous people:

Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.

I also just got myself a bunch of DCU icons. *squee* Old fandom love. Post about the first fics I  read back in 2000 to come tomorrow.