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Pimp and Poll

Last nights Spuffy posts were really strong, so I'm going to put on the rec hat again, and suggest a fic that is very near and dear to me. In All the World by only_passengeris an enthralling, heart-wrenching look at an isolated, cocky, Wish-verse-esque AU Buffy, and an utterly evil Spike gunning for his next Slayer. She is a beautiful writer, and spins a tale of longing, passion, and intrigue. A link to all previous chaps are listed in her post. Head on over and give her some love. You won't be disappointed. 

And, since I'm thinking of adding more links and such to my page, I was wondering if ya'll would be interested in a "Cat's Recs" page. I'm only going to do it if people are interested, so let me know!

Poll #xxxx Got Recs?
Open to: all, results viewable to: all

Do you want to see what I've read and enjoyed?

Yes! Give me dirtybadwrong fics!
Whatev. I can find my own way, thanks.

What fics are you looking for?

Spuffy only. Are you insane?
Spuffy and other het pairings. Who doesn't like variety?
I swing both ways! Gimme slash, het, and everything in-between!

Tags: pimp, poll
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