ClawofCat (clawofcat) wrote,

Death and Joy

My paternal grandmother died today. I spent the afternoon with a friend of mine from school that I hadn't seen since the semester let out wandering around Midtown, lunch, and then a gorgeous sit in Bryant Park. It was around 5:30 when I returned home. As I walked into my room there was a message in progress from a police officer asking that my father immediately call his mom's house because of a medical emergency. My parents were in NJ at IKEA buying a bookcase, so I gave my dad a call and played the message, and two prior messages, back for him. I won't bore you with the details, but yes, her heart gave out and that was that. 

I had a very strained relationship with her, and we have not seen or spoken to each other for some years, so her death really has not effected me emotionally. I don't have too many fond memories of her to draw on. My aunt was devistated, and my dad, well, he's taking it well, but had a bit of a cry when he got home and I just held him and tried to comfort him as best I could. I don't like to see him upset, and I tried to be there for him when his dad died two years ago. 

My mom went up to my grandmother's apartment (her mom) to tell her the news, and my dad and I joined them when he came home. I have always adored my maternal grandparents, and love them dearly. My dad recounted what it was like for him and in a break in the conversation, my grandma said that grandpa had a present for me. My grandpa died a little over 10 years ago just prior to my elementary school graduation. I was 10 at the time. He adored me, and I loved him as well. She pointed to a little clutch bag on her coffee table and I just smiled a bit and said with a laugh, "Grandpa left me a bag?" She told me to look inside. There was a piece of paper tucked inside, so I read that first. The note read:

(To be given to Lauren on her 21st birthday)

Bought in Panama, February 1946 by Adolph Hendler while he was in the Army during World War 2. 

Adolph saved up a few hundred dollars to buy it. He presented it to his wife as a special wedding gift. She wore it many times and each time he beamed with pride. 

I wish to pass it on to Lauren hoping she will wear it on many happy occasions. 


I was pretty much bawling my eyes out by the second line. Inside the bag was a beautiful silver necklace. When not looped twice around my neck it hangs to my waist and has beautiful interlocking links. I was deeply moved by his desire for me to have it. I turn 21 in two weeks. It was quite a day. I'm still sort of reeling from it.  

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