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Up to No Good in NYC

This evening after dinner and vanilla/chocolate gelato, herself_nyc and I embarked on a Spangel-tastic photoshoot around the West Village. This idea had been brewing ever since tamakincommented that, "Those lads would do it anywhere" following my first Spangel-love pic post two weeks ago after my first visit with NK.

While there were no Angel-mobile's or vespas in sight, the boys decided to hijack a Chinese food delivery bicycle and take a joy ride to their favorite haunts.  

Their first stop was Chocolate Bar where they caught up with two old friends...

While they occupied themselves, herself_nycand I noticed that there was an ambulance parked outside. A few moments later, two EMTs came in to order hot chocolate with a double shot of espresso. I thought it would be funny if they took a picture with our fave vamps, so after they ordered I asked the man if he would pose with our dolls. "Uh, sure," he said with a shrug. When I pulled Angel out and handed it to him, he shouted, "Omg, look! It's Angel!" to his partner. "And Spike, too! Which one do you want?" The woman took Angel from him and asked, "Is Buffy in there too?" "Oh, I want Willow!" said the man. I laughed while they played with them. The man suggested that they have them fuck fight. Yes, even EMTs will take time to stop and squee over BtVS.

After all the man-handling from the enthusiastic EMT, Angel was feelin' pretty randy. Spike was happy to help him let off some tension. 


Spike was pissed that Angel was checking out the porno mags while he took it up the arse, so he plotted his revenge. As they passed the restaurant Shag (as seen in the background), Spike pushed Angel onto the top of a Saab corvet and gave it to him good and proper. 

Now, a bit more level-headed after blowing off some steam, they settled down together for a heart-to-heart. 

While they bore their souls to each other, herself_nycposed in front of the Gristedes where Buffy worked in her most recent Spuffy fic Lets Get Lost

While we were distracted, it appeared that the boys had put aside their differences and were making up in the flowerbed after their precipitous drop from the treebranch. 

They shared a deep, meaningful gaze... decide what happened next!

I hope you've enjoyed a day out with Spike and Angel courtesy of herself_nyc! Perhaps their NYC chronical will continue in the future with new neighborhoods and more wacky advantures  *wink*

Tags: meeting members of the fandom, picspam
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