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Writing things and how I got outed as a fic writer in RL (crud)

Apologies for the lack of LJ cut on the last post. My cuts and coding haven't been quite right since last September, and I have no idea why they sometimes act up. It only seems to get funky when I include LJ usernames, but not links. Any ideas what may be going on?

I've been pretty quiet the last two weeks, but I have been silently puttering around in my own way. I just overhauled my memories, so all of my fics and certain types of related fandom posts should be nicely categorized now. All of this was already on my sidebar, but I thought I'd cover myself twice over, especially my past recs from buffyversetop5. Classic recs week is October 29th - November 1st this year and I hope fandom comes out to participate. I've been working on a few lists and hope to have some really interesting ones up for your viewing pleasure.

Although it's outlined, I'm going to hold off finishing up and posting my menstruation in the Buffyverse meta until after seasonal_spuffy and iwry_marathon are done. I had a long discussion with eowyn_315 last night about what I'd like to accomplish with my SS entry and I think we got to a really good place with it. My posting date is in 2.5 weeks and, as usual, I'm quite behind since I only have time to do this on the weekends, but I'm hoping I knock out at least 2000 words today. I'm feeling pretty doubtful about being able to produce a contribution to shapinglight's Darla ficathon at the end of the month though. Between the other ficathon entries and recs, I just don't have time to dedicate it. I'll also be doing beta work for only_passenger around that time for her IWRY fic so, yes, stretched rather thin. 

Speaking of betaing, I just worked with rebcake for the first time on her SS fic and it was a really positive experience. For those of you who haven't seen it and are in the mood for wedding fluff, go check out Under My Skin.  

I wanted to talk more about each of these happenings at length, but fic writing awaits, so I'll just say that in the last two weeks, my post-work and weekend activities have included seeing a screening of the Wizard of Oz in Central Park for it's 70th anniversary (with musical performances by Jennifer Hudson!), seeing Alvin Ailey perform "Revelations" at Fall for Dance, attending a preview performance of David Mamet's "Oleanna" on Broadway (with Julia Stiles and Bill Pullman), visiting the Whitney to view the brilliant "Georgia O'Keeffe: Abstraction" exhibit, as well as a few dinners and a rooftop BBQ in Long Island City.

One odd thing that's happened in the last two weeks is I've met people in RL that know about my fic - people I don't personally know! Recently, a co-worker of mine left his position and a friend of his has filled in for him. Four days into his working at my company, I come in one morning and we had this exchange:

Guy: Hey, L. So, what do you know about Buffy?

Me: *shifty eyes* ...Um, things? Why?

Guy: Oh, cause I met your friend Alex this weekend. 

Me: *stares at him blankly, tries to think of someone she knows named Alex*

Guy: You know, your friend from school? She lives in Park Slope and said that you have a mutual friend. 

Me: Oh! Alex. [Alex is a girl I peripherally know through my good friend and college roomie Amanda. We've spent some time together, but aren't really close and I was trying to figure out how my fanfic, which she somehow new about?, even came up in conversation]. How do you know her?

Guy: I was over at my friend's place and he's Alex's next door neighbor. She seems pretty cool. We were hanging out and talking and  she asked where I worked. When I told her she asked if I knew you.

Me: Huh. Small world. 

Guy: So, you write Buffy fanfiction?

Me: Yeah, I do. 

Guy: That's pretty cool. 

And then conversation petered out, but I still don't know how this came up in conversation. I'm not very close with Alex and she'd just met Co-worker Guy for the first time. How the heck would my fanfiction be brought up in casual conversation!? 

Fanfiction reference #2 happened at the rooftop BBQ at my friend R's place. We were buds in college and she knows I write fic, but isn't a Buffy fan. I'd never met the other two people part of the conversation, who were former co-workers of hers. We were talking about Travel and Girl says that when she went to Jordan Buffy was all over TV there, in addition to SMG movies.

Me: Huh. How weird.

R: Sounds like a place you'd love!

Guy: How come?

R: She's a real big fan of Buffy. Remember I sent you her stuff?

Guy: *looks at me* Oh, you're the fanfiction writer?

Me: *I look around confused* Um, yes?

Guy: I really liked your writing. It was great.

Me: Oh. Really? Thanks.

We then started talking at length about Buffy and Dollhouse, since he was a big fan of both, which was cool and enjoyable, but I felt really embarassed and a little bit flattered. I'm really open about fanfiction with my friends. They know I do it. I talk about it sometimes. My parents and family know I write it, too. But encountering someone outside of my online persona, where they meet me The Person and relate it to ClawofCat just seems... weird. I guess I'm glad it's being read and  enjoyed, but it still seems like something to feel embarassed about. Probably because I assume they read something graphic of mine, though I do have plenty of stuff that doesn't have sex. 

Gus also told me he recently sent a link to my LJ to his friend Steve to read. We were all friend in high school. On a separate occasion after reading whatever he read of mine, Steve drunkenly confessed to Gus that "it was very arousing."

So, I was over at Steve's place with Gus on Thursday evening playing with his fluffy black cat and I ask him about it. 

Me: Which story did you read?

Steve: Well, I'll admit, I don't know much about Buffy, so I was so just skimming through them looking for really dirty parts. 

Me: *amused* Oh. Do you remember which characters were in it?

Steve: I'm not sure. Just that there was a cross and it was burning Spike (I think?) everytime he - when she... *he smiled* Yeah. That was hot.

Gus looks on from the couch with a naughty grin on his face. 

Me: That would be Burn Marks. If you want a really dirty one, you ought to check out Drive It Home.

What's with all these guys reading/inquiring about the fanfic!? Isn't that sort of amazing? Is this an untapped market?

Steve went on to say that he actually found it a lot more *stimulating* than watching straight up porn. To this I say duh, but really. Guys reading the fic? Heh, makes me laugh.


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