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Fic Master List - Menstruation in the Buffyverse

Blood has always been an important element in the supternatural and magical context of the Buffyverse. As Spike says in The Gift, "It's always got to be blood. Blood is life. Why do you think we eat it? It's what keeps you going. Makes you warm. Makes you hard. Makes you other than dead."

And, yet, on a show where blood was central to the conflict between vampires and humans/Slayers, as takers and givers of the substance, there was a limited amount of screen time dedicated to it, let alone a very unique sort of bloodletting - menstruation.

Below is a list of fics that deal with menstruation to varying degrees. In some, it is central to the story, in others it is a scene or chapter in a longer fic. All fics are listed alphabetically by pairing and title, and range in length from drabbles to multi-chapter stories.

I'd like to get as comprehensive a list as possible, so if you know of any stories that were not included below, please drop a link. I'd like to keep the quality of these stories high, so please no OOC PWPs.

If you could pimp this thread, I'd really appreciate it! I love to have as many pairings as possible represented, but there are some circles of the fandom I'm just not very familiar with. Meta on blood and menstruation to follow in the next day or two. I have many thoughts.

Gen Fic
Four Terrors That Buffy Never Faced by [info]trixiefirecra (Buffy)
R - assorted seasons - 1,095 words
Buffy's varied terrors. Includes references to Buffy/Glory, Angelus/Joyce, Buffy/Spike.

Grown by Prophecy Girl  (Buffy)
PG-13 - Season 5 - 425 words
Buffy comes full circle.

Thirty Days by [info]kita0610 (Angel)
NC-17 - assorted seasons - 3,654 words
Angel's thoughts and memories on blood of various sorts. Includes Angel/Dru, Angel/Buffy Angel/Spike.

Woman by Ladycat  (Dawn, Spike, Xander)
PG - Post The Gift - 6,705 words
Dawn comes of age.  

Pink by [info]leni_ba
PG-13 - Courting Sin 'verse, AR Season 2 - 100 words
Angelus knows.

Brand New World by [info]samsom
NC-17 - AtS Season 1 - 1,383 words
The line between man and monster is a thin one. Cordelia POV.

Sanguis by [info]starlet2367
R - AtS Season 3 - 9,921 words
As Cordelia's visions get worse, the onslaught of blood drives Angel to the brink of his control.

The Way It Has To Be by [info]samsom
NC-17 - AtS Season 1 - 2,187 words
Twenty five days out of the month, he doesn't know what to do with Cordelia. He makes up for it with the other four. Angel POV.
Like Ashes by [info]clawofcat
PG-13 - Post NFA - 100 words
Angeles faces a sad truth.

Measuring Time in Breaths by [info]lilbreck
NC-17 - AtS Season 3 - 764 words
She had always enjoyed it when a boy would spend time doing just this. The only difference was that this time it wasn't the main event, wasn't the pre-show, and Angel wasn't aiming to please.

Where They Have To Take You In, Part 10 by Herself
NC-17 - far future - novel length
"There are things everywhere that'll break your heart. Just break it." "Forunately, you can live a big big life even with a broken heart." Part of The Bittersweets 'verse. The scene in question is between Angel/Jemima, Buffy's grown daughter. The fic itself is Spuffy-centric.
Escape Me Never, Ch. 7 by [info]velvetwhip
NC-17 - AU Season 2 - 10 Chapters (Complete)
What if nobody had been around to save Willow from Angelus in the hallway during Innocence Part II?

Close Your Eyes and Go, Ch.2 by  [info]only_passenger
NC-17 - Post-Chosen - 5,375 words
Giles and Faith try to figure out how to deal with what they've lost and how to hold on to what they've got.

A Dying Dream, Ch.14 by [info]euro_fics
NC-17 - Post-NFA - 19 Chapters (WIP)
A decade after closing the Hellmouth and doing time in Hell, Spike is living alone in San Francisco when he encounters Buffy unexpectedly. At a loss of what to do with themselves in a nearly demonless world full of super Slayers, they try to rebuild a life together. Unfortunately, not all their demons have been laid to rest - not the ones within or without.

A Totally Random Occurence by Herself
NC-17 - Post NFA - 9,704 words
The stake slipped from her fingers, and she had to take a deep breath to stave off the dizziness descending over her like a hood on her head. "You - I thought you were dead."

Blood Satin by Kalima
NC-17 - unknown time period - 1,552 words
A little blood, a little satin. PWP.

Blood Worship by Calla
NC-17 - Season 6 - 1,643 words
Spike visits Buffy and relieves an ache. PWP.

In Heat, Ch. 7 by NautiBitz
NC-17 - Post AU Season 5 - 18 Chapters (Complete)
A pheromone heat wave gets the Slayer hot and bothered... for Spike. What's a lovestruck, semi-reformed vampire to do? 

Losing the Battle by [info]only_passenger
R - Season 6 - 425 words
Was it always about fighting for her? Did it have to be?
Shards IV: Seconds by [info]euro_fics(includes Spike/Faith)
NC-17 - Post AU Chosen - 12,685 words
Buffy Spike and Faith are the sole heroes left to battle the apacolypse. Except, in this world, Spike was not Buffy's champion. Can he be?

Switch, Ch. 6-7 by [info]only_passenger(includes Angelus/Buffy Angelus/Spike)
NC-17 - Post AU Graduation Day - 7 Chapters  (WIP)
The epic Season 3 Angel-on-Buffy bite results in Angelus' return. He vamps the girl, but, when Spike hits the scene, will she continue to obey her daddy?

The Heart of Her by [info]clawofcat
NC-17 - Season 6 - 3,964 words
Spike is tasked with easing Buffy's physical and emotional pain following her resurrection. Revelations are had.

Unquenched by [info]clawofcat
NC-17 - Season 6 - 706 words
She only gives him the barest taste, but it's enough to bring her to life. 

Where They Have To Take You In, Part 1 by Herself
NC-17 - far future - novel length
"There are things everywhere that'll break your heart. Just break it." "Forunately, you can live a big big life even with a broken heart." Part of The Bittersweets 'verse. The scene in question is Buffy/Spike - blood is a constant despite their marital problems.

Awakenings by Genny (Genteel Rebel)
PG-13 - Post The Gift - 13,799
During the summer after Buffy's death, Dawn needs help moving on. Spike provides it.   

Menstruation by [info]leni_ba
G - Boston 'verse - 100 words
Sometimes vampires aren't needed.

Truth Discovered by [info]clawofcat
PG-13 - Post The Gift - 1,123 words
Buffy's gone. Dawn's not as innocent as Spike thinks she is.

Shards IV: Seconds by [info]euro_fics(includes Spike/Buffy)
NC-17 - Post AU Chosen - 12,685 words
Buffy, Spike and Faith are the sole heroes left to battle the apacolypse. Except, in this word, Spike was not Buffy's champion. Can he be?

Walls by lynnenne  (includes Spike/Angel, Spike/Connor)
NC-17 - Post NFA - 2,500 words
Spike and Angel are on the run from Wolfram & Hart. Spike takes to feeding off humans again, and Angel isn't happy. The scene is question is between Spike and an anonymous, menstruating Slayer.  

Orbis Venustatis, Ch.8 by Zyrya
NC-17 - AU Post-Dead Things - 30 Chapters (Complete)
A road trip epic in which Tara and Spike need to get away from Sunnydale and their past relationships. Crossover with Angel: The Series.

Quick and Bitter, Slow and Sweet, Part 4 by [info]missmurchison
R - AU Season 6 - 5 Chapters
After the events of Entropy, Tara and Spike are left to pick up the pieces of their failed relationships with Buffy and Willow. Dawn helps bind the bonds that were broken. 

Sunday Girl, Ch.10 by deadsoul820 (includes Spike/Dru, Dru/Sunday)
NC-17 - Pre-Series - 30 Chapters (Complete)
Spike, Drusilla, and Sunday in New York City, 1977. Ever wonder where Sunday (from BtVS, S4, The Freshman) came from? Why her fashion sense seems familiar, not to mention her attitude? She tells her story.  

Compromises by Te
NC-17 - Season 4, Post Wild At Heart - 2,567 words
Willow goes looking for a way out of her head after her breakup with Oz.  

Tags: bloodplay, fic master list, menstruation, recs
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