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hello_spikey said: I adored the parallel descriptions that showcased the differences between the main characters in Elevator Down. Classic.

I think it’s no secret that I’m a big Lilah fan, so her odd disappearance from the S5 Angel landscape didn’t sit well with me and, honestly, didn’t make much sense. Eve was a poor replacement, someone who seemed like an unlikely choice as her successor, and I wanted to play with that idea. How did she get to fill those shoes as the liaison to the Senior Partners? I’ve wanted to expand into the lesser characters of AtS, so this fic was going to be that first experiment with Eve as the person who actually orchestrated Lilah’s downfall in S4 as part of Lindsey’s master plan. Angel is a show that has a large scope. The actions in later seasons are shown to have deep roots in seeds that were sewn earlier in the series. Just as Cordy was part of the big, good vs. evil power play, I thought it’d be really interesting to explore if Lilah had been one of those unfortunate casualties, too.  


A problem that I had writing this fic was how I wanted to deal with the structure of Eve and Lilah’s conversations. Ultimately, I had them all take place in the Wolfram & Hart elevator as a nod to the Holland Manners/Angel convo from S2. The idea that Wolfram & Hart is this massive, unending entity was great, and I liked including the small details of what was housed on each floor whenever Lilah and/or Eve stepped off.


I was originally going to have Gavin be a bigger player in the story. I thought it’d be hilarious if zombie!Gavin were the elevator operator and got to witness Lilah’s downfall by bits and degrees, but he eventually took a back seat in the fic, and I only included him in the conference room scene.

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