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24 June 2007 @ 06:14 pm
Journalism is my life  

Here's a teensy update. This past week, I've been doing some heavy-duty research/reporting for the lead story of a magazine article I'm collaborating on. Yesterday and today (yup, gotta work on the weekends,too) I interviewed a staff writer at the Washington Post (she's 23 and going into training for when they send her to Baghdad as their junior bureau correspondant), staff writer at Newsweek, and an art critic at The New York Times. More interviews to come this week, too. I also had to look up a bunch of statistical info on advertsing and photography. The Department of Labor website came in very handy for this.

I've also been working on this departmental newsletter and spent most of last week tidying it and collecting information. I wrote an article on this interior design world trade show in Chicago called Neocon. Interviewed the Executive Editor in my department about it. I also had the chance to meet with the president of Fairchild, Dan Lagani, who told us interns how he got his start in the industry and what we might expect coming up as fresh young people looking to enter the job market in the next year or so. 

My boss did right by me and kindly set up a time for me to meet the Senior Editor of Women's Wear Daily, which is a trade newspaper here in the States for fashion industry stuff. It's very hard news and this women has been working at the paper for 17 years. I will also get a chance to tour the newsroom and chat with some of the staff writers. 

In addition to work-related things, this weekend I went with my boy to the New York Comic Con at the Pennsylvania Hotel. He was there to shop some of his scripts around, and I took the opportunity to get my Daredevil: OUT! trade signed by Alex Maleev. He also did this lovely watercolor sketch of Black Widow for me. He's much younger than I would have thought (not more than 30) and pretty cute! But, comics really aren't my gig anymore and I felt rather out of place. I used to go to conventions all the time, but I've been out of the scene for about 2 years, and I felt rather lost there amongst the overweight balding males and their BO. In the evening, I went to a tapas lounge in the West Village called Cafe Espanol and celebrated my best friend's 21st birthday. The sangria was mighty tastey.

Tonight, I hope to post my Spike/Dawn fic, which has been floating in my brain for awhile. Parts 2 & 3 are Spuffy, and there shouldn't be too long of a delay between postings.

Herself_nycherself_nyc on June 25th, 2007 02:55 am (UTC)
Don't forget we have to figure out a meet-up in the next week or so ….
ClawofCat: nycspikeclawofcat on June 25th, 2007 04:13 am (UTC)
I still would love to meet up, but I have a ton of stuff I have to do and it's really not fair to me that I'm playing secretary for Jarod. I asked him tonight about this get together again, and he said he thought Tuesday (6/26) would be okay for him. I'm going to leave it to the two of you to figure out a time and place. You can call him at (646) 234-4027 to organize something. If this was just you and me meeting, there would be no problem. Throw a guy into the mix and things gets complicated =) Or we could just cut him out completely and have a ladies night >:> Do let me know if you guys decide on anything!
Herself_nyc: Spike/Buffy secret smiles by deadwillwalherself_nyc on June 26th, 2007 04:52 pm (UTC)
I left him a voicemail message this morning.
But let's try for a ladies night. Or lunch or brunch. Are you around this weekend?
Shapinglightshapinglight on June 25th, 2007 08:19 am (UTC)
Your work sounds very interesting. Thanks for telling us about it.

I haven't been to a comics convention for years either. It's hard enough going into the local comic shop without that.