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Of kiwi birds and ficathons

1. I am so glad this week is over. With salaried position comes getting to work an hour to 1.5 hours earlier than I had been. My body needs to get used to it. I have been quite the sleepy girl. I haven't been up at 7:30 in the morning since high school. It feels... weird, but I might as well get used to it. 9am is the standard and I've been coasting by on a later schedule that agrees with my night owl tendancies. 

2. As promised,under the cut are a few pictures of myself, Gus, eowyn_315, and my beloved plush kiwi bird that was the true impetus for my jaunt down to DC. You see, the National Zoo is the only zoo in the US that has kiwi's, so I had go visit. I like strange animals, what can I say? Besides, there's something so charming and pathetic about a bird that's nearly blind, has no wings, and has a fruit named after it. I have often wistfully expressed to Gus that I wished Kiwi Bird could have prosthetic Barbie arms and a jetpack strapped to his back so he wasn't so handicapped. I know. I'm as strange as my kiwi. 

Is he not the cutest friggin' thing you've ever seen!? Here he is on my lap and next to Gus as we sped down the New Jersey Turnpike in the convertible. Kiwi rides in style!


Here's me, Eowyn and Gus at a Mexican restaurant called Lauriol Plaza in Adams Morgan. E looks so darned cute here and I look... well, drunk. Kiwi was also drunk. He's not very good at holding his liquor though...


3. I want to thank everyone that voted for me at the Best of the Best round over at the Rogue Poet Awards. I'm always really surprised when I win a Reader's Choice vote since I never think of my work as being really popoular or widely read. Severed in Sewn is one of my favorite pieces, so thanks! Eowyn also snagged a few awards. Props to her!


4. I just signed up for the iwry_marathon and I have no idea what I should write. I'm going to stress out about it no doubt, but I was keen on participating again because I love my entry from last year so much. I'm not a huge Bangel shipper, but I respect the couple and I don't really write them too often, so it feels like realitively fresh ground for me. I hope that those of you who write on my flist consider contributing as well. chrisleeoctaves, the moderator, needs 30 participants - one person per posting day of the month and I think it's fair to say that the Bangel contingency of fans isn't really growing by leaps and bounds. If you feel game, you have until November to try your hand at the pairing and I'd be so thrilled to have a ficathon buddy to chat about my story with. Sign ups are HERE. Come join me and help keep fandom alive!

5. Guss how long it took me to create this entire post? Nearly an hour! My laptop is shit  *kicks it*  I'm off to do some judging. I'll pop back in tomorrow evening to finish off the last post for Writer Con. I am so behind. Fail.

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