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Back from my weekend in DC with Gus. We made good time on the trip down and back - 5 hours flat each way. Hyatt AAA deal was awesome. Went to the National Zoo and the Phillips Collection, but best of all hung out with a high school buddy of mine and visited with eowyn_315, who is as snarky and sharp as she is on her journal. Lots of fun eating Mexican food in Dupont Circle/Adams Morgan, inhaling margaritas, and chilling on friend's terrace in the evening drinking wine. I'm just sorry that philips wasn't at home, so that I could glomp her, as well.

I'm tired as heck and must be up bright and early to open our booth at the Gift Fair at Javitts at 9am. Oh, happy day. Also, I just got a raise and benefits. Much hurrahs and mumbled "that only took four+ years."  

I'll post a few pictures of DC and more coherant thoughts about the trip and my impressions tomorrow evening when I have more time. Night night for now!
Tags: d.c., meeting members of the fandom, vacation

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