ClawofCat (clawofcat) wrote,

Fic Commentary

I don't think I've ever done any before and it's about time I get down to it. If there's a story that you'd like the nitty gritty on, let me know! I'd love to shed some insight on any fic of interest.

In other news, Vermont is just about the greenest state I've ever been to. I spent the day in Bennington, drifting in and out of cute stationery stores and taking pics with their most recent public art project - artistically painted plexiglass moose. Tomorrow I'm off to Putney and perhaps Middlebury. We'll see how the weather holds up. Today was cold and rainy! I've also been logged in remotely dealing with all sorts of developments at work. One of my clients is Cirque du Soleil and they just sent in a large PO, which is great, but also requires lots of emails to be sent back and forth.
Tags: commentary, vacation
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