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Woo, it's been a busy two weeks for me! It's also become readily apparent to me that the only way I can write fic these days is if I do absolutely nothing else. Work --> fic. That precludes the gym and socializing, which really aren't things I want to give up right now. Today the office is closed and I thought I might actually have some down time to finish up those drabble requests, but then a friend of mine called, so fic is off the table again. I haven't seen him in about four months, so it will be great to catch up. He also wants to see Star Trek, to which I readily agreed. This will make it my third viewing. I'm obsessed. Clearly. Last weekend I saw it for the second time with Amanda, who is a big Joss and JJ Abrams fan. We watched Buffy and Lost together our senior year of college, snarked over Twilight in the theater... she's definately a tried and true geek buddy for these cultish pursuits.

May 12th - Took Gus out for a 24th bday celebration at Morton's, which is a fancy, expensive NYC steakhouse. The reason behind the decision was because during our roadtrip last summer, Gus had his heart set on going to Amarillo, TX to try some 72 oz. steak eating challenge. The day we were in southwest Texas he got feverish and pretty ill, and we spent the night holed up in Vaughn, NM - me wrapping him in cold towels to try and bring the fever down and he fitfully shaking and squirming. Needless to say, he was disappointed, so this was me trying to symbolically make it up to him. The food was okay, but the service was fantastic. Our waiter reminded me of a very young Sinbad. They  also made a special menu for us, took pictures, and gave me a special discount sine it was a special occasion. It was still $200...

May 13th - James and I went out to Brooklyn for a Barfly event. A swanky, hip bar/restaurant in DUMBO was launching a new cocktail list, so we hopped on the F train and made our way out. We got there early and took some time to walk around - wow, cute neighborhood. I loved the cobblestone streets and the views of the Brooklyn Bridge were gorgeous. It was a lovely evening out, complete with full appetizer and entree, plus two drinks per person. A $100 meal completely comped - I love going to these press related events. And, surprisingly, I would absolutely go back to Rebar. It had a great atmosphere, solid food and very affordable. To read James' review, check it out here - Rebirth at Rebar.  

May 16th - Spent the afternoon with Amanda and then headed out to Brooklyn again to see my friend S, who is graduating this year. Her parents own a multi-million dollar brownstone in Cobble Hill. No need to say it's incredibly nice. Our mutual friend R was there with her b/f, and I basically spent the evening catching up with them, since many of the attendees were S's family and current college friends. Highlight of the evening: Sitting on their swing set in their garden in the dark under a pretty trellis. The not so fun part? Spending the better part of Sunday in thet bathroom. Apparently, everyone who had eaten the seafood stew (which was tasty!), ended up being violently ill the following day. Nothing like a spot of food poisoning to brighten a graduation party, I say.

May 18th-19th - I was working at the New York Stationery Show this past week, which is held every May at the Javitts Center. When I have some time, I'll post pictures of our booth, which were enormous this year. Traffic was slow, but I met with a number of clients and had some productive conversations with Cirque du Soleil, Disney Consumer Products, Seasame Street, the Whitney, MoMA, New York Public Library and others.

May 23rd - A day out with my aunt. We went to The Frick, which I haven't been to in about 7 years, and then the Hooper Hewitt Museum. This is my project for the summer. I've gone to a number of smaller NYC museums in the last two months, and hope to visit many more soon. It not only helps inform my work, but I love cultural attractions. We then went back to her place and watched the first disc of Firefly, which I've never seen before. It was a lot of fun seeing it now because I'm familiar with so much of the cast from other projects they've done since then. I was also genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed the characters and storyline. The premise itself is a bit crack, but the execution is spot on. Mom and I are going to watch them on Hulu together. I wonder why it got cancelled so early?

Tomorrow I'm getting a haircut after work in preparation for my cousin's weddig next weekend and on Wednesday evening I'm going to see Kooza, the new Cirque du Soleil show at Randall's Island. I've also been trying to hammer down plans concerning WriterCon. It's smack dab in the middle of my parents vacationing in Cape Cod, so I'm trying to figure out what time I can take off from work, go to Minneapolis, AND go to the  Cape all in about a week's time. Crazy.
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