ClawofCat (clawofcat) wrote,

Updates & Birdy Pics

Just wanted to say that Faith/Drusilla is with the beta and I expect to have Faith/Dawn up later in the evening. Does anyone have a Faith/Dawn icon or an icon of Dawn dancing at the Bronze in "Him?"

In other news, several weeks ago my downstairs neighbor caught sight of two mated robins building a nest on her fire escape. It's a perfectly round little nest, but such an unusual and rather exposed place for it! Every morning I stick my head out of my living room window to check up on her. Yesterday, she was off the nest for a few minutes looking for food and I caught a few pics the three, perfect robin-blue birdy eggs. Look!


This morning it's raining here in New York, so she had her wings spread out to cover the entirety of the nest. *happy sigh* Ain't nature grand? I'm looking forward to when the eggs hatch. If any of you are interested, I'll post more pics as things evolve here for my avian mommy.
Tags: picspam, robin nest, updates
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