ClawofCat (clawofcat) wrote,

More awards

Thanks to a tip from the lovely snowpuppies, I just found out that I won several awards at the latest rounds of forbiddenawards , ultimate_xander , and the absence_oflight awards for Off Route 17, Wool Over My Eyes, and The Cross. Although I've accrued five to my name in the last two years, I'm always fucking astonished and delighted when I get an award like this one: 

I feel beyond honored and want to thank all the judges, mods, artists and my fellow winners/nominees. I guess this means I should try and keep writing, huh?

Judges Comments: Wonderfully hot, well written and beautifully in character, this fic was amazing. I loved the characterization and I loved the slow build up to the actual sex scene.

Judges Comments: A great, hot, steamy and sweet one-shot fic. While it pulls on your heart strings it gets you all hot and bothered with some excellent coat room party sex. The writing is fabulous, it flows effortlessly and is simply beautiful to read.

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