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Things looking up?

I want to thank everyone who gave me words of support and encouragment last Friday. It was a rough day and all your comments lifted my spirits. When I got home after work, I went to sleep at 7:30PM and did not wake up until 9:30AM the next morning. I really needed the sleep. I wonder if I wasn't also fighting off a touch of something. I was very pale on Saturday.

I spent most of the day continuing to research vacation options with a switch in focus to Mexico and Cancun. I think I've finally found a great resort, airfare and excursions all for $897 for 5 nights and then I checked the  pricing again this evening (a mere 12 hours later), and the rates have gone up $200 a person. Wha? What is it with airlines, really? I'm pretty miffed. I spent a lot of time on the phone with Gus, the travel agent, called Priceline and spoke to the resort to try and work out details. I thought everything was all good, and then bam. We want more of your money! *sigh* I need to speak to Gus again, but I think we'll just have to deal. I want to swim with dolphins, damnit.

Saturday I also did some long overdue betaing for only_passenger, which is always a joy. We work really well together and I love digging into her work and seeing where we can work to make it shine even brighter. I've been writing a few lines here and there on my holiday drabbles, but I think it's less and less likely I'll actually have them done by Christmas. I just have too much stuff going on in RL and  there's very little time to write.

I've also been mulling over what to get my folks for the holidays. Friday during lunch, I wandered around the shops at Bryant Park and came across a boutique that had really beautiful jewlery - real leaves dipped and set in various metals, including silver, gold, bronze, copper and gun metal. I thought it was perfect for my aunt and went back in the evening to buy it. Turns out that the guy who owns the boutique is a vendor that I paled around with in Tampa last April at the Museum Store Association show that I attended through work. I went out to dinner and clubbing with him and then lost his contact information. It was fun reuniting, chatting a bit and exchanging numbers. He even gave me the necklace for wholesale rather than retail. I saw my aunt on Sunday and exchanged gifts with her then. She contributed to my trip and I gave her the necklace. There was also some teary conversation about my future, lunch, a walk and vegging in front of her TV.

The last few days I've also been scheming about planning a short vacation for my mom & dad. I just received a thing from T-Mobile where I can sign up for a buy 1 get 1 free airfare to select cities in the US. My mom has talked about wanting to go to Sedona, AZ to visit our friend Elmira. She was one of the people I stayed with when I was on the road this summer with Gus. I called Elmira up today to discuss what her dates of availability are. Now is a good time because my dad has vacation for the next two weeks. After reading the fine print, I realized that I couldn't do the pay for 1 ticket thing through T-Mobile, but mom was really touched that I did all this research and called Elmira to see if I could make it happen. We have to continue the conversation tomorrow. She was thinking about possible timeshare in Florida since it's closer. I'm still willing to pay for airfare, but we'll see.

My office is throwing a holiday party on Thursday, so I want to make a batch of rum balls using my grandma's recipe. I used to have a lot of fun helping her decorate them, plus booze! Later that evening, my boss will also be throwing a holiday party at his apartment, which will be a shit show because when isn't it? He's going to make signiture cocktails, so I'm in charge of getting pitchers for him and putting together some music. I'll likely leave work with him to help him set up with his roommate at his apartment. I'm psyched! Drinking with James is always a wonderful time.

I'm sure it will be another long day tomorrow. Maybe I'll get a chance to do some writing, especially on the Faith/Oz ficlet that rebcake suggested. That one has fascinated me. I'm also digging on the Spike/Dawn.  
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