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RL just takes the fun out of things

Don't you just hate it when RL becomes a "thing?" That thing you have to deal with. Yeah, me too. With the new year looming on the horizon, my health insurance under my dad's plan runs out and my current employer does not offer insurance to his part-time employees (I basically work 35 hours/week). A few things can happen. 1. I'm offered a full time position and I get health-insurance. 2. I look for another job (which is in the card come January), 3. I can be without health insursance (NO), and 4. COBRA kicks in and I have to pay the monthly fee out of pocket, which runs about $450 a month without dental. Soooo... things are going to get more expensive for the short term. Yay. I've been tweaking my resume and geting things ready to go after the holidays. I suppose I'm in a decent position. At least I have a job. I'm not desperate for income. It just freaks me out not to be insured. Shit happens, you know? Hence, all the medical appointments I crammed in October and the widsom teeth extraction.

This weekend I spent all of my Saturday immersed on, Trip Advisor, and various travel/hotel/resort sites trying to pull together details for my vacation in January. Gus has time off in January between leaving his current job and starting his new one. I can essentially set my own schedule, so we thought, what the heck? The Caribbean was the focus of most of my research. Needless to say, it was rather overwhelming. I was hoping for all-inclusive to cut down on costs, but those that I found did not have good hotel ratings and were rather expensive. We want to spend $1000 or less per person for 6 nights, if we can. I also branched out and looked into Central America, and really, really liked what I saw/read about Belize.

Although I am a research master (I do a lot of it for work/and did do it for reporting), I felt really overwhlemed by the information influx and started stressing. The hair-pulling freak out stressing that I used to have when I was in school. Basically, I realized that I couldn't do this by myself, so I called a friend up who uses a travel agent I know she likes. She was awesome, got me her contact info, and I spoke with the travel agent yesterday evening and gave her all my specs. I should hear from her this evening. Fingers crossed! If any of you have been to the Caribbean or Central America before (I've never been), please give me some tips or recommendations. Thanks!

I have also been doing a fair amount of research on gym membership. As an alumni, the rate for me to use the Columbia gym for 6 months is only $140. I'll likely be joining with MS next month, so I can start moving my ass a bit. Get the blood pumping. They also have 10-week classes. Judo and kickboxing looked like they might be fun, but I'll consult with MS first and see what she wants to do. A few of my co-workers also use New York Sports Club over lunch. My boss suggested I sign up for their 2-week membership, which is only $20 and go to spinning with him and another co-worker. I think I will. It's more motivating that way. But, price-wise, NYSC is way more expensive at $90 a month. One more place I looked was Alvin Ailey's Dance Annex, which provides classes for non-dance students every day of the week. Another college friend of mine does Afro-Cuban dance there, which you can by class rather than a lump sum. I had to register to see the prices (will do that later), but beginner Capoeira looked really interesting. For those that don't know, it's an Afro-Brazilian dance that incorporates a fair amount of martial arts. I knew someone that took it once and they highly recommended it.

Hm, have I just listed all my New Year's resolutions here? Get insurance/new job, plan my vacation and join a gym? Looks like.

I've been working late most days and not getting home until 8PM, but when I get the chance, I will work more aggressively on those Holiday ficlets, which I'm pretty excited about. I've been making notes on the train and scribbeling down dialogue. I only wish there was a nice block of time for me to sit and just bang a few out.
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