ClawofCat (clawofcat) wrote,

Flash Challenge Haiku for "School Hard"

"School Hard" was the new episode being featured over at[info]fantas_magoria this week. Their flash challenge was "Spike has fought two Slayers in the last century, and... he's killed them both." says Giles. Write a haiku poem for each of those incidents.

This was so much fun! Spoilers for "Fool for Love." Whee!

I. Blade to brow cuts deep
a permanent reminder
that she could have won

Blood of the Slayer
brings him Drusilla, at last
princess to his king

II. Blinded by darkness
she falls, victim to his hands
released from her yoke

Gilded black leather
marks his deadly signature
a sleek trophy piece


Tags: fantas_magoria, fic
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