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Favorite Fic Meme

Recently, a lot of new people have friended my journal, so I just wanted to say a blanket "Welcome!" I'm always curious how people find out about me. Feel free to introduce yourself in a comment. I'm always happy to get to know my readers.

Two days ago, I posted my first femslash fic, Severed and Sewn, which I wrote in the style of[info]only_passenger . For those who aren't familiar with her work, go check out her AU Spuffy WIP In All The World. She just posted her latest chapter and it'll blow your socks off!

I was also tagged by[info]snowpuppies to do the top fic meme that's been going around, so here goes!

Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.


1. Window-Dressing
NC-17, Spike/Faith, AU AtS S1
This fic is probably one of my best concepts to date. I originally wrote it for feedmykink for their anonymous sex challenge and I vacillated beyween a few pairings before I settled on Spaith. This was the first time I wrote Faith and when I began plotting out the action and her mindset, I fell in love. Faith is such a complex, colorful character. She's edgy, vulnerable, has a fantastic flair for violence and sass. By far, one of the most fun characters to write and I was able to really go the distance with her as I played her off of evil, homicidal Spike. A lot happens in a relatively short space of time, which is why I think this fic is one of my most exciting to read. I also wrote two alternate endings, which allowed me to creatively expand the idea. I strive to write another Window-Dressing. It's the gold standard. 

2. Wool Over My Eyes
NC-17, Dawn/Xander, Post-NFA
For anyone reading in th Buffy fandom, it's almost a certainty that you're going to come across fics that deal with BDSM, abuse, torture, or sub/dom themes. Most of the content out there is not to my taste, in part because I'm not interested in reading about characters whose dignity is stripped from them and sexuality used against them to subjegate. It's just not cool with me. The other reason is that the material often isn't handled realstically. This particular fic was very personal for me because I put a lot of myself into it and it reflected a lot of my own experiences. Bondage does not have to come from a place of domination or power. It can be an outlet for pain, cathartic, a positive release, and something that brings you closer to someone you trust. That is what I tried to represent in this story - empowerment, strength, perseverance. This fic is also my first where I wrote solely in second person POV, which is difficult, and I felt I handled it incredibly well. I'm proud of the message and proud of myself for being able to continue to show versatility when it comes to style. 

3. Acts of Contrition
 PG-13 Spike/Buffy, FiTB for S7 "Showtime"
For anyone familiar with my work, it's fairly obvious that one of my favorite types of fic to write are scene stealers and fill-in-the-blanks (FITB). It's the closest we ever get to writing the show; exploring those fade to black scenes or moments we never got on camera. This story was conceived as, literally, a bedtime story for only_passenger. I wanted to write something soft, atmospheric, dreamy, and gentle, and I think I accomplished all of those things. This fic has so much heart and love in it. It's very quiet. It reads like a whisper. I love it when my fics have their own "personalties." It also wrote itself in two days. I didn't have to yank and struggle to get the words out. They were just there and this how I like to think of Buffy and Spike, full of foregiveness, full of love.

4. By A Thread
PG-13y, Faith/Angel, Post-NFA
For me, this is a fic I can go back to and read over and over again, and just say yes. This is them. If I had to have an OTP, Faith/Angel would be it. They are meant to for each other, they understand in ways that no one else can, and their love isn't based on lust or sex, but a true connection because they've both been in the dark and survived to come through to the other side. I also was not a big fan of Angel for awhile. But when I wrote the prequel for this story, Unsung Heroes, I realized that I could love him because I could love who he could be for Faith. This is also one of the most beautiful fics and episode stealers I have ever written. I always strive for beauty with  my words, and it just came together really well here.

5. The Heart of Her
NC-17, Spike/Buffy, mid-Season 6
This is not my favorite fic. I've written better ones, but it is my first and it holds a very special place in my heart because it's what put me on my path. In many ways, it defined me. I took a squicky kink (menstruation) and I said, "This can be beautiful. This can be meaningful. My sex is going to say something about these characters, and I'm going to show you." I don't think I've given up on that motto or that goal since I started writing in March 2007. The Buffy and Spike I wrote in his story are much softer than what I'd write now, but story elements that I return to again and again are strong in this piece - memory, healing, hope, and sex as revelatory device.

Bonus Fic
6. All Wrong, Ch. 2
PG Spike/Buffy, Post-NFA
This is only a chapter in a WIP I may or may not finish, but it's a stand out for me because it successfully does something I wish I could always do - effectively move a story along through the plot while being breathtakingly gorgeous. I love this story. It's original, inventive, great concept, but I have a difficult time plotting and maintaining the emotional intensity for long intervals. It exhausts me. I look at this chapter, at the Buffy and Spike reunion I wrote, and I wish that I could do this all the time. I also think this is one of the best explanations of why Spike didn't go to Buffy during AtS S5, but that's just me.

I tag[info]eowyn_315,[info]shapinglight ,[info]only_passenger,[info]girlpire, and[info]sevendeadlyfun.

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