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Don't Forget to Dress-Up!

I just wanted to post a reminder that I'd still love to see members of my flist dress up as any character from BtVS/AtS. ssddgr took the plunge today and posted pictures of herself as Glory! Here's who we have so far:

clawofcat as Get it Done!Buffy
clawofcat as Spike
ssddgr as Glory

Join us in the celebration! You even get bonus Halloween pics of me behind the cut!

The last few days I've been working on putting together Top 5 lists for the Classic Recs session at buffyversetop5. Many of the fics listed are at least two years old, so you might not be familiar with them if you're newer to fandom. They are some of my all time favorite stories. Check out the three that I've posted already: Top 5 Spuffy Permanent WIPs  Top 5 Classic Spuffy One-Shots , and Top 5 Personal Favorites - Long Fic. The latter fics in particular were fairly influential on my own writing. Later today I will be putting a few other posts up, which I'll ultimately compile together to post here at my LJ for anyone in search of some of my favorite stories.

I also want to thank the people who nominated Burn Marks at Rogue Poet Awards and Wool Over My Eyes at the SunnyD Awards. I really love that fic and am very happy that it struck a cord with others. SunnyD awards are also still in need of nominations, particularly in the Crossovers categories and Best Episode Stealer. *looks over at my sidebar* Get nominating! The round closes in two weeks.  

On top of my iwry_marathon entry which is going slowly (and I'm freaking out about), I'm getting ready to do a round of judging for an award site. Things are generally very busy for me fandom-wise, even if a lot of it is behind-the-scenes stuff. Sunday is my day off to basically loaf around and sit on my ass, so I'm going to try and get in some writing and send a partial draft off to eowyn_315, so we can start talking about what's missing and where I could be going to make the fic stronger. I will be so relieved when I'm done with this thing so that I can go back to my sex-prompt fics and hopefully return to Part III of my Faith/Angel series that is always floating in the back of my head. I miss my fave, but little written, pairing. 

This Friday my office had a Halloween party, complete with costumes and karaoke. Mine was very last minute, but I was able to throw together a vampy 1940s starlet ensemble. I only wish I had one of those long-stemmed cigarette holders or even a parisol! I also contributed to croaky renditions of Son of a Preacher Man, Like a Prayer and Dancing Queen during karaoke.


Later that evening, I took off with my boss, MS and a few of James' friends for the Halloween scavenger hunt. MS and I were pretty amazing, figured out the first clue, ran from Central Park to 60th and 2nd and hopped the tram their to go to Roosevelt Island. Most of the hunt took place there and, boy, do I never want to step foot their again. I was on my feet and running up and down the amn place for 8 hours! It was fun between spying, logic, tonal and word association puzzles, but pretty physically taxing. Our team (1 of 22) didn't win, but we were one clue away from finishing, which is pretty good for a first time. My calve muscles are seriously fucked though. They were strained to their limit, and I've been hobbeling around all weekend in a good deal of pain. I took muscle relaxants earlier to decrease the inflammation.Yesterday, I went over to herself_nyc</lj>'s apartment with my friend Rachel, who walks NK's dog, and we helped get the apartment tidy, throw out and donate stuff. It was a little ouchy to say the least. 

This past week I went to the gyno and got a physical exam in my race to fit in as much healthcare as I can before my insurance runs out under my dad's plan at the end of the year. I did get the raise I wanted at work, but so far no news on a full time position with benefits. I probably won't know that until December or January. 

Monday evening I went out with my boss to a cocktail event for the blog at the Berkshire Omni Hotel. Their bar, Fireside, has a few signiture cocktails that they were debuting for the holiday season. Pumpkin Spice martini-nog, Cranberry Spice Cosmo, and grape-based drink and a Apple and Caramel something or other, plus a few tasty appetizers. I'll take free food and drinks any day! 


Tuesday evening I went out with a few people from work to an event at the Museum of Sex. Our company uses images from the Bridgeman Art Library, the hosts of the events, and every year they throw a gala for their clients. So, off we went, with more free food and drink, plus we got to see the exhibit their for free, which was all about animals and their sex lives phallus sizes, and masturbatory patterns. It was... weird. I spent most of the evening standing by a sculpture of two dolphins having sex. Um... but the food was great!

*pant* And on Thursday I got my hair cut five inches or so. Are you feeling as tired as I am? Basically, the pace I've been keeping has gotten somewhat diffcult to keep up with, so I'm going to make a concerted effort to cut back and try and take it easy for the next two weeks. I spend very little time at home or on the computer anymore and while all this activity is fun (that's the point, isn't it?), it's also exhausting. 

On that note, I leave you with the belated Pumpkin Harvest pictures from last weekend. 


Pumpkin cookies! nom nom nom         Gus by Bethesda Fountain          Pretty trees and orange lined paths in the park           

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