ClawofCat (clawofcat) wrote,

Fic: Margin of Error ~ (1/1)

Title: Margin of Error

Author: ClawofCat

Timing: AtS, Season 3

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Fred/Gunn

Warnings: Sexual situations

Summary: Fred discovers the perks of the job when Gunn comes home with a surprise for her after killing a demon.


A/N: For louise39, who gave me the prompts of “science” and “glass.” I’ve never written either Fred or Gunn before, so concrit is welcome. I could have taken the fic in a very dark direction with a prompt like glass, but it’s very light-hearted and sweet. Enjoy!



“Fred? I’m back!” Gunn jogged across the empty Hyperion lobby and took the stairs two at a time, swinging a brown paper bag in one hand and an axe in the other. He called her name again when he reached their bedroom door and rapped lightly before entering. Stretched out on their bed, Fred lay on her stomach absorbed in de Broglie’s Guide to Quantum Theory, her chin propped on her hands. Gunn laughed as she kicked her bunny-slippered feet and chewed on her pen, the dancing polar bears on her flannel night shirt smiling at him cheerfully.


“You can take the girl out of physics, but you can’t take physics out of the girl. How’s that light reading coming?” he asked, pointing at the thick hard cover.


“Pretty good!” she chirped. “I was just thinking how my string theory’s been a little rusty.” Dog-earing the page she was on, Fred slammed the book shut and rearranged herself so she sat Indian style. “It never hurts to do some brushing up,” she added. “So, how’d it go? Did you guys get that Maloreck demon?”


“Sure did. That boy won’t be growin’ back any of his five heads. I took care of that,” he crowed, brandishing his axe.


“Cool! And hardly any green goo on those new jeans, either. For awhile there, I thought the washing machine was gonna explode after all the loads we were throwin’ in.”


Looking past Gunn and into the hall, she frowned. “Did you or Wesley keep the endocrine glands on ice, like I asked? They’re only viable for twenty minutes post-mortem. I’ve been wanting to study them and –


“Hey, hey…” Gunn reassured her, dropping down on the edge of the bed. “It’s all good. They’re in the cooler. Angel’s got the car right now, but as soon as he gets back you’ll be able to poke and prod your new playthings.”


Fred smiled sheepishly. “Sorry. I’ve been getting all the lab equipment prepped downstairs. And, I’m a little excited. It’s stupid,” she insisted with a wave of her hand. “Anyway, now that that’s all accounted for,” she laughed, “what’s in the bag?”


“Can’t get anything by you,” Gunn said, kissing her brow. He went to prop the axe by the door and shrugged out of his jacket.


“You’ve been so caught up in this new project, I thought it’d be good for you to take a breather, relax. So, I picked up a little something for the job.” Spinning around, he reached into the bag in question and theatrically paused like a magician about to pull a rabbit of a hat.


“That’s so sweet of you,” Fred sighed. “Don’t keep me waitin,’ though!” she cried, bouncing on the edge of their bed eagerly.


“Alright, cowgal. Hold your horses.” Gunn grinned and slowly pulled his hand out of the bag. “How about riding this puppy?”


Fred’s eyebrows shot up with astonishment. Gripped in his fist was a clear, glass dildo. He frowned when she squeaked and continued to stare wide-eyed, her mouth puckered into a surprised O. Gunn rubbed the back of his neck and cleared his throat. “On the topic of play things…” he muttered, waving his purchase.


“That… oh ma gosh!” Fred blushed furiously and fiddled with her glasses. “Charles, where on earth did you get that thing!?”


“Uh, heh, funny story. While Wes and Angel were playing coroner, I went to bring the car around. We were parked a few blocks away and on the way there I might have stumbled into a, uh…” He shrugged helplessly.


“Porn shop,” Fred supplied.


“Right. I was just browsing, killing time – ”


“Lookin’ at titty mags.” She gave him a knowing look.


He put his hand over his chest, mock affronted by the comment. “Now that’s an assumption right there, and you know what those make out of you and me. To set the record straight, I was looking for something for us. I got to chatting with the guy at the register and he suggested this baby.” He weighed the dildo in much the same way he had his axe – with confidence and ease. “It’s quality.” He stared at it for a moment, wrinkling his brow. “And it looks kinda like a really thick test tube.”


Fred wasn’t convinced. “Well, sure. If test tubes curved up at the end so that they could stimulate your G-spot.” She snatched it from his hands and turned it over, examining its smooth surface. “How did you afford this, anyway? It looks like it’s gotta be kinda pricey.”


Gunn crossed his arms. “We’re all salaried here. Not like I got myself a Ferrari or anything. I thought you’d like it, which…” He paused to watch her jab the air with it like an airplane. “I’m still not sure about.”


She tilted her head sideways and flipped it so that the curved head pointed downward. “You know, if ya turned it over, it wouldn’t be half bad for stimulating a prostate either.” Fred stole a quick glance at Gunn, a saucy smile slowly spreading across her face.


“Oh, hell no! You’re not boldly going where no man or woman has gone before. That ain’t no Star Trek Enterprise,” he protested, an accusatory finger pointing at the innocuous dildo.


Fred sighed with disappointment. “I’m more of a Captain Janeway, anyway,” she admitted and let the dildo drop onto the comforter beside her. She pouted and crossed her arms with a little huff.


“Janeway, huh?” He hated to see Fred look so put out, like a kid who just had her favorite toy snatched from her. His mind raced, but quickly stopped on an idea that would end her sulking. Sometimes you just had to think outside the box.   


Thrusting his hips out boldly, he hooked his fingers into his belt loops. “Guess that means that I’m The Doctor. Robert Picardo and I’ve got the whole shaved head, male pattern balding thing in common, you know?” Gunn picked up Fred’s discarded lab coat from a chair and draped it over his shoulders. “What do you think?” he asked, turning to her in the too-small coat. “Do I look the part?”


Fred’s eye lit with her excitement. “You’re not wearing any gloves,” she pointed out as a faint blush started to dust her cheeks. 


“No problem. Got a quick fix for that.” Gunn rifled around in the coat’s pockets and produced a pair of latex gloves. When he pulled the fingers of the gloves and released them with a snap like a striptease artist, Fred quickly scooted back against their headboard. With the Doctor now on duty, Gunn slipped out of his shoes and joined her on the bed, their lips meeting in a heated kiss.


“Now, Ms. Burkle,” Gunn whispered, adopting a professional tone as he palmed her cheek. “You’re going to be in my care for the duration of the evening, so I want you to relax.” His hands ran under her shirt and over her hips, which she lifted so he could pull off her panties. Her bunny slippers soon followed and sailed over Gunn’s head. They bounced and hit the floor with a muted thud.


“I’m here to serve your needs and to heal whatever’s ailing you. “So…” One big hand rubbed across her belly and into her pubic hair. She let her legs drop open and worried her lip with anticipation. “Please state your medical emergency.”


He watched her think about it for a moment. Fred’s hands then dropped down to frame her sex, one finger dipping in to dab at her arousal. “Well, I’ve been having this burnin’ sensation down here lately,” she explained. “It just won’t go away no matter what I do. Maybe you could help with that?” She pulled at her clit idly. The ball was in his court.


“I’m going to have to perform a few diagnostics,” he announced, pulling on the gloves and unbuttoning his pants so that his cockhead could spring over his waistband. “Through trial an error we’ll get to the bottom of this.” He arched a brow when Fred kneaded her ass checks and nodded soberly, trying to keep from laughing. “It just might take a little… experimentation.” 


Dropping down to lay between her outspread thighs, Gunn spread her lips apart with two gloved fingers and began to lick her pussy in maddeningly slow strokes. She bumped his chin with her impatient movements, her fingers restlessly pulling at the bed sheets. Playing patient was a role reversal that she was taking to like a charm.


“I suspect the root cause of your problem lays deeper inside,” Gunn started to say and spread her entrance wide, the skin stretching taught while he held her open. “I’ll need to resort to more invasive measures.” She cried out, her hips convulsively twitching when his tongue followed suit and slipped inside her.  


“Charles,” she whined, humping his face with frantic rotations of her pelvis. “You’re not makin’ that burning any better.” She groaned when he pushed two fingers in and began corkscrewing them from side to side. “But – but that might help.”


Fred writhed against his hand, bracing herself with her elbows, and ground down onto his fingers with quick jabs of her own. Whether it was in the lab or in bed, she was always thorough and passionate about reaching a desired result.


One of her hands roved across the bed and encountered the dildo. She panted hard as Gunn worked another finger into her. “Use this,” she groaned and dropped it onto her belly, the cylinder rocking back and forth across her night shirt with each flex and shudder. “Now!” It looked like it was a wise investment, after all.


Gunn snatched it up and pressed the cool glass to her opening, rolling the head around her entrance, slicking it with her lubricant. One experimental push proved it wasn’t enough.


“Fuck.” Gunn picked it up and squeezed Fred’s knee. “You better open your eyes cause I’m only doing it this one time.” Squinting up at him, she bucked hard when he brought the dildo up to his lips to quickly lick the knob and roll the head around in his mouth. He grimaced. She was never going to let him live this down. All thoughts of penis-in-mouth aside, he quickly returned it to her hole and nudged it inside her, the thick girth stretching her wide.


As it sank deeper, the toy was seemingly engulfed as her muscles drew it further in. Shit, is that what he looked like when they were doing the nasty? He glanced down at his own cock, a lonely spectator to all this pussy-bustin’ action.


“How’s it match up, baby?” Gunn asked, one finger on her clit and the other hand busily jerking the dildo. Fred struggled to answer, her mouth soundlessly working through her pleasure. She thrashed her head and finally let out a ragged scream, her eyes closed tight as her pussy pulsed around the dildo.


“Ooooh, fuuuuck,” she groaned. “Nnnnn!”


Fred yanked the corner of her lab coat off Gunn’s shoulders and dragged him down by his shirt as she continued to ride out her orgasm. “Want you!” she hissed, her fingers swarming into his pants to grab hold of his cock.


“You don’t gotta tell me twice!”


While Fred grasped at him manically, Gunn struggled to shove his pants and boxers down off his ass. “Jesus, Fred. I’m going as fast as I can,” he swore as she continued to fitfully squirm. Nearly tearing is shirt off in the process, Gunn managed to kick his jeans off the rest of the way and wthdraw the dildo. 


“Alright, baby. Here goes,” he warned and thrust smoothly inside. Twin sighs of relief hit the air when he was fully seated. “Nothing like the real thing,” he moaned to her as the discarded dildo clattered to the floor. 

Tags: fic, fred/gunn, margin of error, one shot, other het, prompts

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  • Sickbed take 3

    Saturday afternoon I started to get a scratchy throat and a cough, which then morphed into an even worse cough and a low grade fever by Sunday, and…

  • Of kiwi birds and ficathons

    1. I am so glad this week is over. With salaried position comes getting to work an hour to 1.5 hours earlier than I had been. My body needs to get…

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