ClawofCat (clawofcat) wrote,

Fic: Grounds for Negotiation ~ (1/1)

Title: Grounds for Negotiation
Author: ClawofCat
Timing: AtS, Season 4
Rating: R
Pairing: Wes/Lilah
Warnings: Language and rough sex
Summary: When Wesley turns Lilah away for the last time, she tries to make a deal.
A/N: For katiekat641</lj>, who gave me the prompts of “water” and “goodbye sex.” I’ve never written either Lilah or Wesley before, so concrit is welcome. I was always a huge fan of both their characters on the show.

“This is the last time, Lilah.”


Glancing up at Wesley’s reflection, Lilah smiled and dropped a washcloth across the sink taps. “Sure, if that’ll make you sleep easier at night, Wes. Bedding down with the enemy has got to be grating on your sense of moral superiority.”


“And the Senior Partners must think that playing a couple of rounds of spank-me-daddy is a productive use of company time,” Wesley countered, circling her in the small bathroom. “Take your shower and get out. We’re through.”


“Really?” she asked as she turned to face him. “Cause a little washcloth full of your spunk says otherwise, lover,” she cooed, pressing the hand towel to his groin. His cock still glistened with his climax and hers. Wesley’s gaze minutely dropped to her breasts, which were also speckled with the remaining flecks she hadn’t yet wiped up.


“Come on. Don’t be such a spoilsport,” she teased, tracing the trail of hairs that led up his belly. “Can’t we part amicably?”


His stern expression didn’t change. “What do you want?”


She moved behind him, her fingers brushing his crossed arms, tense shoulders. “Just a little fair trade,” she whispered, biting his neck. “One last taste of what it’s like to peg a do-gooder. Who knows if I’ll ever have the chance again?” she hummed, sliding a leg between his to press upward on his balls.


She waited patiently as he consulted with the saint and devil perched on each of his shoulders. There was nothing like a good negotiation to get her in the mood for some hard screwing, over or under.


“And what do I get out of it?” Wesley asked, addressing her reflection, now crowded next to his in the mirror.


“Oh, I don’t know. What would you get out of it?” she wondered. “A way to stick it to Angel, maybe?” she suggested. “Sonny boy’s rebellious act against an overbearing father? Or, an extra bit of sugar to take back with you to the straight and narrow? They all sound like a good sell to me.”


She watched him consider her offer with smug satisfaction. His face was passive, but those anguished eyes shone with his struggle. Wesley sure was a stickler for pain.


When he finally turned, she glanced at his waist. By the looks of it, he had already made his decision. “What do you say?”


Stepping over the rim of the tub, Lilah held her hand out invitingly. Like clockwork, he followed and grabbed her, shoving her against the tiled wall of his shower. Preliminaries over, he wasted no time crowding her into a corner, his kisses hot and demanding. She didn’t stop him when he possessively snarled his fingers into her hair and held her still so he could mash his lips roughly to hers.


When he pulled back and locked his hands around her waist, he smiled grimly. “Ladies first,” he growled, the spray of the water raining down on them. To her surprise, he pushed her to her knees, his hands finding her wrists to grip them firmly. He held them over her head, twisting them painfully when she tried to move. He had her attention.


Pointing the shower nozzle downward, the water fell into her eyes and dripped into her nose on every intake of breath. She struggled to clear the spray from her face; Wesley sneered at her. “I’ve always wanted to see how you perform in a high stress situation.”


Lilah had to suppress her laughter. The idiot couldn’t even see that she’d won. He was so caught up in this superficial power play, he didn’t realize that he’d been duped where it really counted. Who wanted to fight for Angel’s soul when Wesley’s was such an intriguing mass of grey?


Adapting to her situation, Lilah settled into her position knelt at his feet and winked at him. “Take a load off and enjoy this, Wes. I’m a self-starter,” she whispered confidently, her mouth filling with water as she slowly took him in to the root.  

Tags: fic, grounds for negotiation, one shot, other het, prompts, wes/lilah
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