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17 September 2008 @ 01:39 pm
Something is Seriously Wrong with Me  

I just signed up for the[info]iwry_marathon, which is a Buffy/Angel ficathon in November. I know. Please, don't look at me that way. I'm not sure why either. I mean, I never participate in ficathons because I get really frazzeled and weird about writing on deadline. After quitting the paper, "the deadline" has become like a trigger for PTSD for me or something. And if it would be anything, you'd think it'd be[info]seasonal_spuffy, but no. Buffy/Angel, a pairing I don't even write. Except... I've been thinking about them recently after watching S1 episodes for[info]fantas_magoria. And with thinking and viewing comes story ideas and that annoying old niggeling feeling that I get from time to time of "You've never done this, but you could. You could even do it well." When the inner CoC starts issuing evil challenges like that, I want to prove her right.

It also seems pretty appealing because I really like[info]chrisleeoctaves, who's running the ficathon, and I've actually read a couple of solid Bangel stories that I really enjoyed recently. Not to mention, it's a whole group of fandom writers I don't usually engage with and they seem to be a pretty nice and talented lot from what I've gathered at [info]fantas_magoria. So, I'll dabble my toe in the Bangel waters and see what happens. It's fresh ground for me to explore - something I get a little giddy over.

As always, I'm digging the notion of a late-season fic, perhaps at the start of S6 when Buffy abruptly announces that she's going to see Angel after her resurrection. I'm sure it's a FITB that's been done to death, but why couldn't I put my spin on it, too? I'm not really sure if I want a pairing or gen fic. It all depends when I set it, where they're at emotionally. Still a lot of pondering to do.

In short, the whole notion that I volunteered for this is sort of freaky to me, but I hope I have all of your support. Maybe you're even slightly curious how I might choose to depict Buffy and Angel together. Hm? *nudge* Maybe?

Sevensevendeadlyfun on September 17th, 2008 07:00 pm (UTC)
I'm actually a closet Bangel girl, so you'll get nothing but love from me one this one. While I see the hotness of Spuffy (and I don't diss my fic friends who like it), I don't see it as a workable relationship. There's too much damage, too many wounds inflicted that I just don't see healing into something resembling a healthy or functional relationship.

That said, Buffy and Angel have a certain closeness and a definite somber sweetness about them that I enjoy. Especially as she got older and her feelings for Angel matured, I loved seeing them on the rare occasions they were together. I think it has to do with how well they were portrayed as being close while still seeming almost stand-offish.

Of course, I also adore Darla/Angel for its in your face angst and emotional damage so I might just be deranged. However, I will definitely read a Buffy/Angel story written by you!
ClawofCat: Bangel hurtclawofcat on September 17th, 2008 08:05 pm (UTC)
Be still, my heart! Maggie left a comment! *jumps around excitedly* I've been thinking of you and missing you and where have you been? Hell, where have I been? I need to get my act together so I can come and frollic with you before The Snow comes.

There's too much damage, too many wounds inflicted that I just don't see healing into something resembling a healthy or functional relationship.
Yes, I remember when we hijacked Jen's post and started discussing Bangel. Good times. As for Spuffy, yeah. I pretty much agree. I love writing them, but I also love writing them at their most fucked up. I don't see them ever having happiness. Perhaps, over time, and with some maturity they could reach an understanding, but I find it hard for Buffy to continue on with either vamp. I was actually dreaming the other night about Buffy taking off after "Chosen" (prompted by Giles) and really trying to find herself without having to be responsible for the world or her family or friends. She becomes so lost in what she does, I think she's also lost sight of who she is. I'd love to write about a Buffy that goes on this journey and finds some solace elsewhere, maybe with another man.

I loved seeing them on the rare occasions they were together.
I wrote a gen fic like that recently set during Forever when Angel comes down to stay with Buffy after Joyce's funeral. It's called "The Hard Choices." If you want to read it, it's on my sidebar. The first half is Buffy/Angel and the second half is Angel's thought about Joyce.

I love Darla/Angel. They're evil and perfect and guh!hot.