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Hi, folks! My time on the road is nearly upon me. For the last week I've been practicing driving, buying clothing and camping equipment, researching attractions, accomodations and campsites, going to work, and betaing fic. And boy are my arms tired. I feel like I haven't had much rest this entire month. I've just been pinballing back and forth from one activity to the next - finals, moving, graduation, trip preparations and work. I'm really looking forward to a whole lot of nothing. We're tenatively set to depart on Sunday.

But, on to the real business. I've got some things to rec:

1. sevendeadlyfun just wrote a Spuffy, Spike/other piece entitled Enough for Now set immediately after "As You Were." It's a smart, insightful, hot and wonderfully characterized bit of porn. Seriously, that's when it's the best. Check it out. You won't regret it. 

2. eowyn_315and I have been working together on some long-standing fics of hers and she needs your help. She has three different stories and is looking for a little concrit and guidance to help her decide which seems to be the best story to persue further. Go on over and lend a helping hand by checking out the first chapters of all three of her Spuffy fics. 

Never Too Late to Be Alone ~ Alternate Season 3 fic (PG-13). Buffy is back in Sunnydale after a summer spent running away from herself. When Spike turns up with apocalyptic demons on his heels, it dredges up the past and throws the future into question.

Closure ~ Alternate Season 4 fic (R).  When Buffy finds herself assaulted after a Lowell House party with no memory of what happened, she turns to an unlikely ally to help put the pieces together and find the person who raped her. (BtVS season 4 - after "A New Man")

Tell Her This ~ AtS S:5 (NC-17). Having learned that Spike is alive, Buffy comes to L.A. to confront him, but the welcome she receives isn't at all what she expected. (AtS season 5 - sometime after "You're Welcome")

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