ClawofCat (clawofcat) wrote,

In Dreams ~ Drabble (2/4)

We continue on with part two of the series. This time William dreams...

Title: In Dreams (William)
Author: ClawofCat
Timing: Pre-Series
Rating: PG

William dreams of possession, a lover to put him first.
Like chess pieces he’s moved, circulated to each waiting hand, a high stakes poker chip to be won. Never a man, always a boy or a lad, he lives beneath their heels. They twist his devotion to make him their dog, a kicked mutt pleading for scraps. Angelus tears at his parchment to stifle the whispers of his heart. No soul, just a fuck, he shunts away any notions of love. He lays claim to nothing, bereft and forlorn, loyalty and devotion untouched. Forever is meaningless, devalued and mocked, so transience becomes his new god. To take what he can, where he can get what he wants, slaking an unfulfilled shore of need. His veneer is his shield, his only defense, the daring, impetuous cad. But love’s bitch, he is ruled, a subject yearning to please. Yet the shadow of Daddy looms large over him, which makes his girl fickle, hard to appease. 
William dreams of possession, a partner to put him first. Who’ll take him in hand and lay claim to his side, never to be swayed by a look. To learn of his moods and his spirit, to see the poet inside him, at last. His patience runs thin, an eternity of loneliness his one fear. He dreams of a lover to see him for him, a woman to invest all his care.
Tags: drabble, fic, in dreams
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