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Learning Curve (1/1)

I'm happy to present to you a new fic and a new pairing. I'm pretty familiar and comfortable with writing Faith at this point, but this fic marks my first time writing Xander in a starring role (or, really, any role). I'll leave it to you guys, especially the Xanderphiles sevendeadlyfunand snowpuppies, to tell me if I did him justice.  

Title: Learning Curve
Author: ClawofCat
Timing: BtVS Season 3
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Faith/Xander
Warnings: Het sex, rimming, dirty language
Summary: Set during “The Zeppo.” So, how did Xander’s first time really go down? Step inside to find out how hard Faith worked him. 
A/N: Thanks to eowyn_315for her beta efforts. This fic was written for feedmykink’s Random Rimming challenge. I’ve never written Xander before, so doing a fic from his POV was both different and fun. Also, I got to make with the funny. 

Disclaimer: The characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. No profit is gained from my writerly endeavors and no copyright infringement is intended.
Xander couldn’t help but grimace slightly at the pop Faith’s dislocated shoulder gave as she realigned it. He was about to offer to get some ice, assuming the evil demony thing wasn’t outside laying in wait for them, but she spoke first.
“That's better,” she sniffed, rotating the cuff in its socket. A predatory flare stole into her gaze when she turned slowly to face him. “She got me really wound up.”
Who hit the slo-mo button? Xander wondered when the hands on his chest began to run soft furrows into the fabric of his shirt.
“A fight like that and no kill... I'm about ready to pop,” Faith huskily murmured, the ridges of her nails slightly teasing him as she continued to rub his shirt, her breath coming quickly now.
“Really?” Xander squeaked. His eyes nervously darted between that knowing smile and her restless hands. “Pop?!” Tell me she doesn’t mean what I think she means.
But it was fairly obvious Faith had only one thing on her agenda. Leaning toward him slightly, her best flirtatious smile on, he could already feel his cock rising as various erotic scenarios zipped through his head. One particular fantasy involving rug burns and carpet sex sprung to mind when one of her hands slid roughly along the back of his neck.
“You up for it?” His erection gave the zipper of his jeans a painful thump in response.
“Oh, I'm up,” he swallowed with a nod. If he didn’t get out of his pants soon, he was scared he’d bust through them like Bruce Banner. Something told him that Faith really wouldn’t mind a bit of Xander-smash action though.
When her smile grew wider and her fingers slipped from his chest to rub his crotch, he didn’t know if he should bless the gods or curse them. The thing she started doing with her thumb tipped the scales to a unanimous bless.
“I'm suddenly very up. It's just, um...” He couldn’t suppress his nervy, sheepish grin and laughed weakly by way of explanation. “I've never been up with people before.”
In a flash, his jaw was clutched in Faith’s hands and there was a tongue plundering his mouth. He kissed back enthusiastically because, hey, familiar territory, and took her lead.
“Just relax... and take your pants off,” Faith directed while pushing his shirt and jacket off his shoulders.
“Those two concepts are antithetical,” he quipped, but she paid no attention and yanked at the garments until she got them pooled in a lump on the floor.
He wasn’t going to lie. Faith was a major hottie, and he’d had a wet dream or five about her before, but he hadn’t expected how hot for him she’d be. Hadn’t really expected anything from her at all, actually. As Cordy liked so fondly to remind him, if she was out of his league, no way Buffy or any other Slayer was going to fall for him. Not when there was a prime hunk of vampire man-meat prancing around town tugging Slayers by their heartstrings. Just thinking of Dead Boy made Xander bristle and kiss Faith harder. The living were just as hot, if not as ripped, as the undead, he convinced himself. It was a point Faith seemed to take to quite well.
Maneuvering around without so much as slip in their lip-lock, Xander was surprised to land flat on his back with a bounce as Faith quickly joined him on the cheap motel bed. The springs in the ancient mattress whined under their combined weight and he absently wondered what sort of mileage this room had seen in its day. But soon the heat of her crotch pressed against his cock made it hard to think of anything but her mouth and hands. Alexander Lavelle Harris: this is your night! Better not screw it up or it’s back to hand cream and the latest issue of Playboy for you.
Pulling off her shirt, Faith looked down at him appraisingly. “Don't worry,” she reassured, “I'll steer you around the curves.” The curves weren’t really what he was worried about. More like the potholes and deer crossing signs. Faith didn’t strike him as a defensive driver.  
“Did I mention that I'm having a very strange night?” he laughed apprehensively. His eyes skirted over to the door, wondering if it was locked, and then to the chipped paint flaking off the thin walls. He wasn’t really looking forward to giving Joe Blow next door a surround sound version of his first time, but Faith’s tongue persuaded him otherwise.
“It’s about to get a whole lot wilder, that’s for sure,” Faith leered.
Staring helplessly down at his tented jeans, he watched her make quick work of his fly. Before he could stop her, she had her fingers linked in his belt loops. With one tug, they were off his ass and his stiff cock was in her hands. Faith gripped him triumphantly, a proprietary glare directed at his dick like she had just accepted an Academy Award and there was no way she was letting Oscar out of her sight.  
“Oh, sweet merciful Zeus,” Xander groaned, a hand coming up to cover his eyes. Through a space between his splayed fingers, he could see Faith’s toothy grin as she took in the power and glory of Tony Stark. Cordelia used to scoff at the nickname despite Xander’s insistence that Iron Man was a perfectly good namesake for his tackle.
“Not bad, Xan,” Faith crooned and flicked the tip of his cockhead. “Guess you’re a grower, huh?” she snarked, closing her fist around his length. On the first down stroke he couldn’t help the groan that sprang out of his throat. Just think, she uses that hand to thrust sharp, pointy objects into dudes every night. She’s a skilled profes… ungh.
His tongue came out to lick his lips after she pumped him a few more times and he watched her watching his prick swell and turn a deeper hue of pink. She almost snorted when Xander’s eyes rolled up beneath his fluttering eyelids. Virgins, gotta love ’em.
Gripping his balls tightly in her other hand, Faith puckered her lips and dropped down to suck his whole length into her mouth. With all the pumping and licking going on, it started to get hard for Xander to keep it together. He could feel himself begin to tighten up, the telltale signs of some serious splurging on the way.
“Uh… Faith,” he moaned tremulously, his hands stealing gently into the hair girding his thighs and groin. “You might want to ease up a bit, or this is going to be over way… way too soon.”
On the next suck, Xander’s eyes shot open when all of a sudden her throat contracted around his dick, applying suction like a Hoover. As he started to shoot, he could feel wild vibrations dancing through him. She was laughing. He tried to hold back, but it was in vain as he reached the point of no return. With a strangled yelp, he spent into her mouth, frustrated whimpers causing him to breathe hard through his nose as she sucked him clean. For a first time, it really wasn’t what he expected. Not by a long shot. He squinted up as Faith sat back on her heels, waiting for his breathing to slow.
Struggling to push himself up on his elbows, he said, pointing between them, “Uh… correct me if I’m wrong, but that seemed pretty counter-productive to the whole me in you thing.”
“Live and learn, Harris,” Faith shot back with a hint of amusement. “Boys like you got wicked rebound time. You’ll be back in business in a few.” He eyed her skeptically as she slid off the edge of the bed, shaking the hair out of her face and her ass out of her jeans.
With a sigh, he hesitantly glanced down at his softening penis, poking it with his index finger. To his displeasure, it shrank further.
“Hey, stud. Show’s over here. Got every other night of the week to play with yourself.” 
Glancing up, Xander tilted his head and watched Faith’s saucy little strip tease. Clad in just her thong and bra, she made a little twirl and unclasped the front catch and shucked it off her shoulders. 
“Man, designers just think of everything,” Xander mused, whistling at Faith appreciatively as her breasts swayed with her slight movements.
“No muss, no fuss,” she agreed, twisting her fingers into the sides of her thong. His mouth went dry when she turned around, bent at the waist, and slid the scrap of fabric down her legs. From between the cheeks of her ass he could just make out the lips of her pussy shyly tucked between her thighs. He looked down at his lap. True to her word, he was up to half-mast.
Moving back to face him, she slid her hands up her torso and cupped her tits. “Not bad, huh?”
Xander’s eyes were trained on Faith’s neatly trimmed snatch when he addressed her. “You won’t get any complaints from me.”
She smirked when his fist loosely circled the width of his cock. The rookie was back in action.
Springing up beside him, she quickly reestablished herself between his thighs. “So, show of hands. Who’s ready to boogie?” Eyeing erection number two, she gestured toward it with her chin. “I’d say he is.” All of a sudden she was in position, rubbing the head of his cock against the seal of her sex.
“Wait!” Xander flailed beneath her, teeing his hands in a time out. “I don’t have a condom.”
She stared blankly at him. “Your point?”
“Uh… I’m pretty sure I was awake the day we discussed baby-making in Health class.”
Faith’s mouth screwed up into a sneer, her patience with his stalling tactics running thin. “What is this? You need some romancin’ or something?”
“Don’t you think we’re taking things a little fast? I mean, we could talk or I could…”
“Or you could do what? Blow your load before I’m ready?” She gave a put-upon sigh. “I don’t think so. Turn over. Know a thing or two that’ll change your tune.”
He obediently rolled onto his stomach, a tight knot of anticipation doing the rumba in his belly. Looking over his shoulder revealed Faith slipping down his back, so that her mouth hovered just above his butt.
“Now what?” he asked, perturbed by the wicked grin that lit her face. She ducked her head down and swirled her tongue in a tight S formation along the V of his tailbone. He squirmed beneath her attentions, but didn’t protest. She repeated it a few more times, pausing only when she reached the crack of his ass. The tip of her tongue darted quickly between his cheeks.
 “Whoa, hey. That’s… that’s different. Are you sure you need to be down there? ’Cause, you know, I don’t even like being down there.”
Faith ignored him and quickly spread his cheeks apart, revealing the tight pucker tucked inside. It contracted and winked as he tried to squirm away from her, which was useless with Slayer strength being what it was.
“Faith, look, we can stop any minute and forget this – ”
“Shut it, Harris,” she barked, with a swift slap to his ass. He cringed, but held still. Her tongue slithered out again and licked a long, slow path from his perineum to the top of his sphincter. The undulating movement was enough for him to gasp.
“Okay! That’s your tongue, in places… uh, I don’t know how sanitary that is,” he muttered faintly, his hips already canting back to give her easier access. Eyes wide open, he stared at the rumpled linens in front of him and watched his knuckles go white as he clenched the sheets every time Faith’s tongue made a tight rotation around the ring of muscle. Trying to exorcise the gross-out factor from his mind – it was Faith’s funeral if she got hepatitis or something – Xander focused on where she rubbed gently at the bit of real estate where ass met thigh.  
“So, Cordy ever do this for ya?” Faith asked, briefly bringing her head up for some air.
“Oh sure, Queen C loves going to town on boy ass. Yeah, happened all the time,” Xander panted as one of Faith’s fingers took up the place of her tongue and pushed slightly against his anus.
“Wouldn’t surprise me,” Faith commented, nonplussed. “Bitch seems like a bit of a brown-noser if you ask me.”
When the tip of Faith’s finger breeched his hole, Xander moaned and pressed his forehead against the bed.
“Oh, god. Fuck…” he gasped as Faith’s tongue slipped into him and established a steady rhythm of thrust, retract, circle, repeat. Shifting slightly to press his ass in closer to her freed his dick from the painful position where it lay squashed beneath his belly. The swirling of her tongue along his hole set the pace for the internal countdown ticking away in his groin. Bursting apart at the seams seemed like a likely possibility when she burrowed her tongue deeply into his ass and thrashed it about wildly. His hand made a bee-line straight for his aching cock.
“Not so fast, bucko,” Faith admonished, grabbing his prick instead as she slapped his wrist away. He couldn’t help but let out a disappointed sigh.
Sitting up straight, she suggested that he take a load off, but quickly redacted the statement. “Better yet, relax. We haven’t even gotten to the big show yet.”
Turning him over onto his back, Faith crawled to sit against his groin, the hard length of his cock pressed snugly against her ass.
“What was that?” Xander asked breathlessly, his fingers skimming along Faith’s hips with light, teasing touches.
“The best damn ass-licking of your life?” Faith offered with a shrug. “Seems to me you like getting your salad tossed just fine.”
Scooting backward down his hips until Xander’s cock was nestled along her pussy, he arched a brow as he stared at his penis seemingly jutting out from her body upside down. Honestly, it was a good look for Faith.
Reaching down to give his length a firm stroke, Faith addressed him. “Now you know what it takes to hold back. I expect you to be a good boy while I ride you into the ground.” He was about to protest, but shut his trap when she held a warning finger up to him. Resignedly, he nodded his consent.
It took her all of three seconds to lift up and sink down on him in one smooth thrust. A choked gurgle emerged from his throat when he felt her bear down on him, her slick walls strangling him in a tight grip. Looking down at their joined bodies, he marveled at where he was sealed inside of her. One shaking hand shyly came down to brush her distended pussy lips and her clit. Faith watched him do this without comment.  
“So, what do I do?” Xander asked, his eyes climbing upward to take in the wild yearning that Faith’s were shooting at him like laser beams. “Since you’re all on top and I’m…” he waved around himself, “down here.”
“Just follow my lead,” she said, and began a slow bounce. Fearful to fall behind in this race, he quickly grasped her hips and concentrated on feeling her move up and down. Trying to time it right, on her down stroke he thrust up. Back, forth, back, forth. All right, he could do this. It was like counting steps when he went to those cha cha tournaments with Grandma in Boca Raton. You, me, you, me.
Faith arched her back and laughed. “You’re all right.”
Xander became bolder once they had a groove and reached up to touch her breasts, flick her nipples. The tips puckered under his fingers and turned darker as blood rushed to them. Moaning, Faith bent down to accommodate his exploration and pressed herself against his face. Licking them experimentally, Xander was rewarded with a sharp gasp. He bit them next. She growled. When she commanded that he do it harder, he obliged with relish.
“Lets move this trot to a gallop,” Faith moaned, her wet nipple popping from Xander’s mouth as she rolled back to sit up. On the next slam, he felt her nails pricking at his biceps and he died just a little. Holding his breath and doing everything he could to hold back between her moans and her nails and her pussy and... oh shit! Think of England. Think of England! Scones, bobbies, uh, Parliament! Posh Spice… wait, no! Giles! Giles is from England… Wesley. Wesley and Giles, non-erotic thoughts. Got a girl in need of pleasing. Keep it together, keep it together, eeeeeasy…
Faith’s hissed cry of Get my clit! interrupted his internal litany. He blinked rapidly, feeling a bit panicky as she thrashed her head from side to side. Even though he was on the bottom, he definitely would have pegged her as the bucking bronco. The girl had fire, he could say that much. The word inferno also came to mind when she sunk down flush against his pelvis and ground herself against him violently.  
“Xander!” she snapped irritably, on the cusp of release, when he hadn’t made a move.
“You’re…” his eyes drifted down to her thighs. “Uh, yeah. You got it.” Feeling around her hot, wet folds seemed like an exercise in futility. With the way she was moving, everything felt the same. But he put what little concentration he had left into locating her button, and when he did, he massaged it like his life depended on it.
Faith’s whining, hoarse cries reached a fever pitch when he pinched the hood of her clit. Latching her own hands over his, she pressed his fingers harder against her body and rapidly swirled her hips.
“Faith…” Xander whispered. “You’re…you’re shaking. Are you okay?” he moaned, watching her thighs quiver and twitch.
She made an incoherent groan in reply, sucked in a deep breath, and cried out in a long unending moan that released all of the pent up tension that had started this whole charade to begin with. Her pussy had been slowly tightening around him like a vice throughout the last few minutes, and as he pumped rapidly through her constricting muscle, he felt like he couldn’t hold back. He had reached the point of no return, and from the screeching above him, he figured she had, too.
“I don’t think I can…” he uttered, and then shouted his release as well, the tremors of his hips mirroring her own. His hands clung hard to the small of her back as they both rode out what had proved to be one hell of a fuck.
Coming down, Faith weakly raised her head and slumped down against him. She gave Xander’s cock an internal squeeze to jar him out of his daze. The so this is what it’s like to be a man daze. He hadn’t anticipated it would hurt so much.  
When she lifted herself off of him, Xander’s cock fell limply against his thigh with a wet plop. He watched it rapidly recede back into its flaccid state with sympathy. The poor boy looked like he was on his last leg and was lucky to come out of the ordeal alive. He’d have to inspect for damages once he was far away from Faith. She might want to play naughty nurse or something… which, on second thought, had a certain raunchy appeal.
Crawling up beside him, Faith curled against his side. She nudged his shoulder. “Not bad,” was all she said before reaching over to the nightstand to grab her pack of cigarettes and a lighter.
“Want one?” She offered one to Xander, but he politely declined and continued to stare at the ceiling trying to get his breathing to return to normal. Banging Faith was like running a marathon. He suddenly wondered, insecurity stealing in, if vampires – undead freaks that they were – actually were better lays in the sack for Slayers. He quickly dismissed that notion. Like hell they were.  
Lying side by side, they both watched the plumes of smoke that Faith exhaled out through her nose and mouth. So, this was the awkward part. Right. Xander had heard about this part. Rolling onto his side, he waited for Faith to turn and look at him, maybe give him an encouraging smile. When she didn’t, he spoke up.
“Hey, can I….?”
“Can you what?”
“Well, we were in such a rush to do the dirty, I didn’t really get a chance to get acquainted with you… you know, down there.”
Faith turned to him with an arched eyebrow, amused, but nodded and kicked the sheets off. Leveraging herself up a bit with the cigarette jammed between her lips and her arms folded behind her head, she spread her legs unceremoniously.
“Knock yourself out.”
As Xander crawled down into position between her thighs, Faith smirked. He wasn’t so bad, and she could think of a thing or two more to show him. Stretching when he pressed two fingers into her, she relaxed and settled down to enjoy herself. After all, she could kick him out anytime.

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