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01 May 2007 @ 04:24 am
I've Gone Mad  
Yes, it's true. I've lost it. I didn't hand in my anthro paper that was supposed to be due yesterday and right now at this late date (4:30AM), I am still toiling away on it no where near done. The topic is really brilliant and I just can't seem to write this thing. Normally I'd be able to crank it out no problem, but it's really hanging me up and I'm kinda freaking out. It will be done sometime today, but there's just really no excuse for this. Except...maybe the drinking heavily on Friday night and then being laid up in bed all of Saturday. That significantly decreased my productivity for sure. *sigh*

I'm also quite mad because in addition to the four fics I've got in the works listed in my last post, I know have two more to add to the pile. Over at BSV we were chatting about threesomes and eowyn315 dared me to write a believable season 7 basement Spike threesome with Buffy and Faith. Now that is a challenge considering how much baggage those three have together. I've been plotting it out and it will probably be something like a three-parter with lots of angst and set-up, since I really don't see the three of them just falling into bed with each other. Aside from a nice challenge, my first crack at a threesome and writing Faith, it's also a good excuse to get to use those chains/shackles that they had down there for Spike. Mmm...chains. 

And then like the complete psycho I am, I decided to take a writer request at feedmykinkfor a Victorian era all-human William/Dru fic featuring the use of absinthe, outdoor sex, poetry, and biting. I actually got really inspired after I did some fairly extensive impromptu research on absinthe and found the perfect segment of a poem about absinthe for William to recite. 

Fun fact: apparently because it was frowned upon for society women to consume alcohol during the late 19th century, ether-soaked strawberries were all the rave to get your high on. Morphine was also trendy and women would buy high end gold and silver-plated hypodermic needles so they could shoot up. The internet is a wonderful thing. You learn something new everyday. Bless you Google books. 

I am now off to rot in academic pergatory and wallow in the misery that is my anthropology of disaster paper.
Sevvy: JM Queen Mary heartsevvy_o on May 1st, 2007 11:01 am (UTC)
The William/Dru fic sounds great. Scott and I drank a lot of absinthe when we spent a weekend in Prague...it was fun. lol

Good luck with paper writing! If it helps, disconnect your wireless card/ethernet cord. That always gets me motivated. =)
ClawofCat: buffy smileclawofcat on May 2nd, 2007 10:08 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I turned it in, so now I can focus on a different one due Monday.

When I was doing the research on absinthe I was kinda disappointed that it doesn't actually make you hallucinate. Google: debunking urban myths since 1999.