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19 February 2008 @ 07:11 pm
Happy to report that in addition to some fun beta work I've been doing the last few days with my two favorite girls, I've been back at work on Faith/Angel and am nearly done with my Angel/Kate shot. Yay, progress. My grandmother is also doing quite well, and they moved her from the ICU today so that she can start her physical therapy. 

I saw the Spice Girls last night (I know...), but given all the crappy crap in my life recently they were just what the doctor ordered. It was a lot of fun, and they even brought up all their kids on stage during the end of one of their songs. Adorable. Seriously. 

Plus, I've been tagged by only_passengeron this LJ questionnaire thing, which asks that I list seven habits/quirks/facts about myself. Here goes nothing...

1. I have met with and spoken to the comic artist that illustrated the dust jacket and lyric booklet for the "Once More With Feeling" soundtrack. Adam Hughes is a great guy, and does some beautiful illustrations of women. After he signed the CD case, he informed me that all of the cast sat for their portraits, except SMG, who sent in five headshots and asked him to pick the best one. 

2. I have a habit of making cat noises at random moments. Little "mraws" and "gri's" and other cat-like sounds when I'm content, bored, or  dissatisfied. This is what happens when you spend your formative years with the critters. They rub off in a big way. 

3.. I wish touch typing rapidly one-handed was a marketable skill. I had every opportunity to learn properly, but no, I had to do it my own way. My right hand rules supreme. 

4. I eat bacon like someone would eat corn, nibbling away like a little mouse in rows to avoid the uncooked, fatty parts. 

5. I tend to be really candid about myself and my sexuality. It's one of my favorite topics of discussion, and I often feel a little stifled when I can't talk about it with someone. Luckily, I do have self control, and can still form relationships not predicated on some poor soul having to hear me carry on about what went where the night before.  

6. I get really weird abut my hands getting too warm. During the summer especially I will get up and run to a cold water source just to cool them off. 

7. I have a fairly large vocaularly, and much of that I attribute to having taken Latin for four and a half years. Word derivations are your friends. 

Sevvy: Spice Girls -- Ginger Spicesevvy_o on February 20th, 2008 12:45 am (UTC)
I <3 Spice Girls. I saw them last week on Long Island.
ClawofCat: areyou12clawofcat on February 20th, 2008 03:52 am (UTC)
They put on a fun show, but it was so short! It was under two hours. When I saw it Mel C totally stole the show. Her voice blows them all away, and the crowd went wild when she did her solo. The part when they sang the covers was a little weird, especially Mel B doing "Are You Gonna Go My Way." I tured to my friend and said, "Why is she singing Lenny Kravitz?" (who I've also seen in concert) and then we went and go drinks.

But it was high energy, and I liked that they didn't pretend they weren't anything they're not. They acknowledged they're moms and brought their kids up, they talked to each other between songs, they joked, and were generally light hearted. It was a feel good show, and I had floor seats. Woo hoo! I'm very happy I had a chance to go and relive my days as a 10 year old listening to their music.
mere ubu: spike kittymere_ubu on February 20th, 2008 03:29 am (UTC)
Yay for your grandmother! That's great.

Spice Girls! (Zigazigaahh...stop me, please.) Fun, and hey, at least it's not Hanson.

I make the kitty sounds too! Their speech patterns are so contagious, and I have one right now that yells a lot and makes this really fussy "prrrrrt!" sound, so it's hard to keep from emulating her. I've tried to rein it in at work but still occasionally freak out the coworkers.

ClawofCat: giddyclawofcat on February 20th, 2008 04:00 am (UTC)
Heh, they are so very catchy. Even now the songs put a smile on my face because they're so light and positive. The thing about them was, overall, they were sending pretty positive messages to girls. Not like these ho's with mics, like Pussycat Girls running around like glorified strippers. God... how old do I sound!? *headdesk*

I was never much of a Hanson fan, but I did see them once on my campus entering a residence hall. They were in their civvies, so I guess they were going to visit someone who was dorming.

Awww! The cat noises. I know other people that do them, too. We're a special brand of crazy. And your kitty with the fussy "prrrt!" sounds precious. I do miss my babe. Too bad we can't have pets at school. We'd all probably have far less stress that way. Things always seem a bit easier when you can cuddle a fluffy, purry thing in your arms.