ClawofCat (clawofcat) wrote,

Buffy Reunion in LA: Who's With Me?

Copied from only_passenger's LJ:

Anyone heard of the buffy cast reunion at paleyfest 2008?

only_passenger and i have been tossing around the idea of going to LA for this event. What she and i have talked thus far is renting a hotel room outside of LA (specifically in the arcadia/pasadena area) in order to not have to hawk everything we own for beverly hills hotel room rates.

Tickets for this event, which is a panel with many cast members (see link) on Thursday, 3/20, go on sale to the general public in a few days,on 2/10, and it's our understanding that they go quickly.

The question on the table is this: is anyone interested in coming with us should we decide to do this? The more the merrier!
Tags: meeting members of the fandom, paleyfest 2008

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