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Vacation Report, plus bonus Orgasm Meme

Hi peeps! I'm back from vacay in Vermont. It was really awesome. We managed to avoid the snow on Monday by stopping over in Albany in the afternoon. The condo we were in had a beautiful view of the slopes and the weather was delightful and sunny the whole time. My friend and I took two days worth of lessons, and we picked it up really fast. I loved the feeling of flying down the hills and turns. On the third day we then joined our other three friends on the bunny slope and did a few runs. Ski lifts are fun! However, after so much skiing, I got pretty fatigued and literally could not make it down the slope by the end of the day. My legs were shaking so bad. My friend on snowboard stayed with me while we waited for ski patrol to pick me up. On the upside, I did get to write a snowmobile and it was pretty much the coolest thing ever! Bonus points for every evening spent in the hot tub and sauna. We also had the supreme pleasure of attending a divey small town bar/club called The Pickle Barrel to see Jason Mraz perform. We were literally six feet from him and he has a spectacular voice. Way better than his recorded "The Remedy" stuff. Pics to come shortly!

Just for a bit of fun I yoinked a meme from eowyn_315, which asks that you post all of your orgasm sentences... just the one sentence (or multiple sentences if there are multiple orgasms) from every sex scene where a character comes. I've got lots of those! So, lets see the evolution of the orgasm in my fics!

Guess what? My characters come A LOT... I also have a habit of writing fairly extended descriptive paragraphs of the actual orgasm, so I've paired them down here to encapsule only the actual sentences that first describe the climax.

The Heart of Her
She could feel it of course, where the contractions of expelling her lining and the contractions of her orgasm met. They crested at the pads of Spike’s fingers, sending out rippling waves of warmth that suffused her whole groin. “Oh, ooooooh” she mewled, the orgasm rolling through her with such a tender force as her body helplessly shook in a paroxysm of pleasure.

His climax was swift as he came harshly but roughly pulled out, clamping his mouth down on her sex even as she rode out her orgasm, her juices bubbling out of her.

He drank her greedily and wormed his fingers back into her, keeping her coming, keeping her wailing, until she begged in the tiniest of voices “no, no.” 

Show Me How
Repeating the previous motion, he moved his fingers and tweaked her clit. The combination set off a sharp, quick orgasm that had her reeling. 

She did and at just that moment Spike pushed upward with a gentle force on her g-spot, sending a stream of ejaculate from her pussy as she screamed her orgasm. 

“You got your shot,” Spike murmured, “only fair I get mine,” and he let loose ropey white spurts of jizz so that the fluid landed on her breasts and belly. 

She began to panic as her body was swept up in the feeling of absolute release. She lost all control as her eyelids fluttered and mouth twitched, her lips opening to choked silence. As she spent in deep waves, her arms flailed as she searched for something to hold onto. 

A Spectator Sport
Spike’s erotic litany stopped, so that all that passed his lips were ragged whimpers and whines as his thighs trembled, and his lips twitched when he began to spend in a frantic rush. 

Drive it Home
Slipping her hand under him to lightly cup his balls, Buffy thrust the stake into him one more time, sending him into a deep orgasm that caused him to cry out and flail beneath her in sharp spasms. 

Little Lost Lamb
“Oh god…” she gasped and her body shuddered helplessly in his strong arms. 

Dawn’s faced screwed up into a mask of torn pleasure, her finely arched brows coming together and her lips pouting out in concentration as she rode his hand.
Close again, Spike sucked her clit into his mouth and worried the nub between his lips, which elicited a sharp moan from Dawn, who began to spend around his fingers in deep shudders. 

Out of Africa
Even in the dead of night, this place brimmed with life such that her orgasm poured over her while she fed off it. The waves were continuous and rippled, ebbing in a stream and expanding outward so that she felt it diffuse through her to send quivers up her spine, her toes, her lips, as he kept his pace steady. 

She bore down and clenched her muscles, staying with him as she sent him into an orgasm that he whimpered through. 

With that image in his mind, he began to spend again, his hips frantically tremoring. 

When she started to pant and then howl when the pleasure reached a crescendo and crashed over her, his fangs sliced into her thigh.

Unsung Heroes
“Angel! Oh God…fuck. Right there,” she moans, her brow pressed against his, lips turned back in a grimace of pleasure as an orgasm starts to shake her. 

Breathing rapid fire pants against his neck, she tips his head and bites down on his throat, catapulting him into his own release. 

Why Won't You Go
“Cum,” he growled, and she exploded into a dizzying orgasm that threatened to steal her consciousness. 

She heard a wet, slapping sound as the aftershocks shook her and suddenly felt hot jizz land along her ass crack and drip down between her thighs as Spike came on her. 

“Looks like you got the magic touch, Billy,” she shouts over the music and bucks on his hand once, twice, a third time and then spends in a flurry of limbs. 

She isn’t ready to cum, but she takes it, and rolls with the shudders as her muscles spaz out and her hips snap. 

When their lips meet in a kiss much softer than they both expect, he comes, but she doesn’t mind, doesn’t care that it gets on her. 

His mouth quirks up at the question and he presses into her clit causing her to buck and start to spend.

When she goes limp in his arms he takes a few more drags on her neck before he shoots his load. 

Working Parts
He tries not to think about his inability to give her a right seeing to, and sucks hard to push her over the first crest and prep her for the next. 

Another tremble runs through her, and she loses some fluid as she’s swept up in another wave. 

The results are in and it looks like Spike and Faith are the winners of the orgasm race. Between themselves they came a total of five times in the fic. Damn. That sure makes her death worth it, huh?
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