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I'm not dead

After a few inquiries about where the hell I've been, I thought an update post was in order. I haven't posted in about three weeks because life has been rather busy and hectic. For those who remember the wrist pain I was complaining about, I did go to health services and I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel. I was given Naproxen for the inflammation, which helped a lot, and was told that I needed to rest my hand. I took three days off from any computer use at all, which subsequently pushed the submission of my final paper back a few days. I did not finish up with all my finals until December 22nd. 

I then spent the next three days, which included Christmas, sleeping. I can't tell you how many times I saw the sun rise in that three week period. For the holidays I got some absolutely stunning jewlery courtesy of my parents and grandmother, including a pearl, diamond and white gold ring, and my grandmother's pearl necklace. Hooray for antique bling. I've been catching up with a lot of people from high school who I haven't seen in an age, and am back at work three days a week. I've been working 7.5 - 9.5 hour days, so I'm pretty much exhausted when I drag myself home at 8:30PM on weekday evenings. Because of work and my rush to squeeze in a social life before school starts up again with all the people I never get to see, LJ has taken a back seat to life. 

A few of you have left comments over the last week or so, and I'll try to answer those ASAP. It's been a long time since any fic has been posted on this journal. I have been working on numerous fics little by little, but there's so little time for it that I have no idea when I'll next post something. I was fairly bummed out about my lack of productivity in the fic department, and was telling my beta maybe I'd give up and close up shop. But the ideas would still be there, wouldn't they? I guess what it comes down to is not putting pressure on myself and when I have something to post, I'll have something to post. 

My New Year's Eve was spectacular, which included a house party, a stop over at the Pussycat Lounge in the financial distrct for a costume 1920s and 30s themed jazz night, and some crazy dancing at Suite, a fabu gay club in Morningside Heights. 


LEFT: There I am in the hat at Suite with my buddies. I wanted to dress as a man. Check my awesome undone, after-hours, red bowtie. 
RIGHT: Me sans hat with my friend Ethan. He was wearing my "veni, vidi, vici" suspenders, and I side-parted my hair. If I had more time, I might have tried to Marseille it. Hm, I think I look kinda like the MC from Cabaret, actually. 


LEFT: Hat and vest courtesy of the H&M men's department. The shoes were brand new, too. Air mary janes. Super comfy.
CENTER: That would be Gus in his pin-stripped suit and hat gangsta glory. He lookes fantastic. That's enterting the subway at Rector St.
RIGHT: I was at a tapas bar in the West Village called Alta with a few people. I absolutely love that purple dress. I should add more purple to my wardrobe. 

ETA: I have no idea why there are three LJ cuts. I tried to delete two of them, but no luck. That's weird.
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