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Random Questions for Writers/Artists

To all the wonderful writers/artists on my flist - 
I've been hankering for interaction the last few days as a result of my sequestered paper writing. I came up with a few questions I'm genuinely curious about concerning your fics/artwork. 

What is your favorite story you've written and why? 
Your least favorite and why?  
Favorite and least favorite story title?
A memorable line from your fics that you either loved or hated

Feel free to link me, if you're so inclined. 

ETA: Gah, I can't forget about the artists. If you manip, do banners, and/or icons feel free to apply those same questions to your visual work.

To date, my favorite story is Window-Dressing, which should come as no surprise to anyone given how much I talk about it. The impetous for that particular fic was a feedmykink prompt calling for "anonymous sex." Originally, I wanted to write a Spuffy story, but I couldn't really think of a scenario where they would be strangers without it going seriously AU or all-human. I like writing within the borders of canon, so I had to think of a character that Spike had never met before. Faith was the obvious choice. One of my favorite Faith scenes is the dancing scene during "5x5," which I thought was particularly appropriate given that Spike meets Buffy for the first time when he sees her dancing at the Bronze. What I liked most about this fic was the alternate endings. I knew I wanted to do them when I first thought of the idea, and I had a lot of fun generating the two plausible "what if" scenarios. Not to mention that Spike and Faith are hot, so writing the sex was a blast. They both are crude and violent, so I didn't have to hold myself back with them. And they both have very distinct ways of talking, which made writing their dialogue much easier for me. And I really, really got into writing Faith. Getting into her tragic, twisted, sad headspace was a fantastic writing exercise, and I really liked the direction I took her. The fic was a real process. It didn't come easily like some of my other fics, so I feel like the quality of it was really earned. My beta wasn't crazy about it initially, so before I posted I added about another 1000 words on the fly to further flesh out Faith's internal state, which I think the story truly benefited from.  

My least favorite fic is Your Vacant Eyes. That fic was also written based on a prompt, in which I had to highlight Giles. Old Rupert is not someone whose dialogue comes easily to me. It feels very unnatural. Generally, I'm able to get into the mental process of female characters much more easily, which is why (for many reasons) I write het. My idea for this ficlet was somewhat half-baked, and I was working on a deadline to churn it out, which never makes for good writing. Initially, I only wanted to write the bit about he and Jenny, but the challenge required more than 750 words, hence the tacked on second part which never flowed as well as the first. Also, the POV style really isn't my fortay. 

Although I really like the title Window-Dressing, Drive it Home takes the cake for favorite title. I like to do plays on words or concepts in my titles, and this one achieves it the best. The working title for the fic was "Bound," but I found that to be too pedestrian, and started listing words that I associated with the story. "Drive it Home" came to mind because it's a phrase associated with staking a vamp. And oh does Spike get thoroughly staked in that story *G* I also liked it because Buffy drives home a point concerning control and her need for Spike to be on her side and back her up. So, I liked both the meta and action implication of the phrase as it related to the fic. 

Least favorite title has to be Tea for Two. I was eager to post something, no title immediately came to mind, my beta suggested it, and I agreed. It's really straight forward and not too clever, but then they can't all be brilliant  =)

Oh man. Favorite line. There are so many. I take a real care with how I use words and really go for picture painting and visuality in my fics, so that's a toughy. I like having neat, tidy little endings to my fics, so in terms of a really strong concluding line, I'd have to say the final sentence in Beneath Us: "He has sampled any number of emotions in the blood of his victims. Rocking himself back and forth, he realizes, until now, he has never tasted forgiveness."  That's also probably the most commented on phrase in any of my fics, so I'll go with public opinion on that one.  

A funny anecdote about lines in my fic. Occasionally, because I'm a huge dork, I'll give myself little challenges, like working certain words into a fic. For whatever reason, A Tale of Two Cities was on my mind when I wrote Why Won't You Go, so I challenged myself to work the words ballast and grindstone into the story somewhere. I was pleased with the results:

"She used his tattered ego as her grindstone, sharpening her retorts on the anger and pain that flashed across his features with every syllable." 

"But the pleasure that swirled in her groin was her ballast, making her forget, keeping her concentration away from the morbid place she languished in on a daily, hourly, minute by minute, second by second basis."

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