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Fic Updates

There's something really satisfying about opening up a fic you wrote months ago, reading it over, and saying "Hm, that really wasn't half as bad as I remembered." Truth be told, I have about 6 one-shots/chapters at 2K chillin' on my hard drive waiting to be completed. I just re-read Ch. 3 of All Wrong, which I wrote in September, and I haven't looked at since. I was really pleased with the Spuffy sex scene, and Dawn and Faith's dialogue. I miss this fic. It was my first attempt at a longer story, and I should really try and have a go at it again since I think the story concept still holds up really well. 

I have 46 pages of final papers I need to write in the next week, six of which I'm completing now for my Classics final tomorrow. My last day is December 18th. And, after that, I really look forward to trying to crank out many of the fics I started and have yet to finish. 

On the docet, and in no particular order, the fics I'd like to wrap up are:

Ch. 3 of All Wrong, which follows Buffy, Spike, and Dawn to Rome after he heals up in England. They still have a few kinks to work out in their relationship. Hooray for angsty sex! (NC-17)

Season 3 Faith/Giles shot, which will focus on the Watcher/Slayer dynamic and how failure effects their lives. That'll be angst-city. Takes place at the end of and directly following Revelations (R)

Season 6 Spike/Dawn shot, which is a BTL fic of how Spike got back to his crypt before the sun rose in Dead Things. It will focus on the relationship between Spike, Dawn, and Buffy post-resurrection. (NC-17)

Season 6 Spike/Buffy shot, which takes place between As You Were and Hell's Bells. Buffy is mourning at Joyce's graveside for the year anniversary of her death. Spike drops by to offer her some solace. (PG)

I was talking to Eowyn a bit about this and, with her help, I might try plotting out a longer fic. My shorter fics are usually packed with a lot of emotional intensity, and I find it difficult to sustain that for more than 6000 words or so. I need some tutorials in pacing, and I'm grateful that she's willing to lead me through it a bit. Two ideas I've been kicking around are:

A continuation of my summer of Season 5 Spike/Tara fic. only_passenger gave me a pretty comprehensive plot outline to follow, so I'll have points to hit along the way. Also, it's Tara. She's so sweet. And omg, I might actually get to write sweet, comforting, nice sex. When does that ever happen on this journal, hm?

The other is a Season 2 re-write in which Buffy is captured by Angelus after "I Only Have Eyes For You," and is brutally tortured until Spike rescues her, bent on revenge against his grandsire. I'd basically re-write the Acathla storyline (which I've already plotted), and the rest of the story would deal with Buffy and Spike's uneasy relationship and the devestating fall-out of her expereance. 

I've got a bare bones sort of outline for both. My problem is I have so many darn ideas and not enough time to write them all. Beyond the fics listed here, I must have at least another six ideas written down for a rainy day. At this rate, I'll be writing fics for the next three years  *headesk*

Still, I'm happy that I've shaken a lot of my writers block. I've written more in the past two weeks than in the past three months. Oh, happy day! 

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