November 3rd, 2009

buffy feeling better

Sickbed take 3

Saturday afternoon I started to get a scratchy throat and a cough, which then morphed into an even worse cough and a low grade fever by Sunday, and then a 102 degree fever on Monday. This is the third time I've been quite sick in the last four months and each time it's gone straight to my lungs. Something is definately amiss. I spent all afternoon at my GP yesterday getting tested and taking a chest xray. And then all evening sweating and trying not to feel like I was going to spontaneously combust. I've had no appetite and have already lost 3 pounds. I feel a little better today - the  fever seems to have broken - and am back to antibiotics. I have an appointment with a pulminologist tomorrow, so I hopefully he can get to the bottom of this.

I've been sleeping for the most part, but have some betaing I need to do, not to mention plenty of work cut out for me on my SS and IWRY stories. I have zero interest in working on them at the moment though. Mostly just want to lay in bed and feel pathetic.

This weekend buffyversetop5 hosted their Classic Recs session. I always love compiling esoteric lists and managed to post 7 of them for the round. Check them out - I've added them to my memories. I think my favorites were "5 Fics Featuring AtS Female Characters (Because They Rock)" and "5 Fics That Explore the Different Facets of Dawn."

Although I didn't do anything for Halloween, I did go to work in costume on Friday. I know a number of people on my flist are "Mad Men" fans and so are a bunch of my co-workers, so I got together this awesome vintage outfit very much in the spirit of the show and went in as a 50s office worker. Suit courtesy of my grandmother. Check out pics under the cut. It should be obvious by now that where there's an oppoortunity to dress up, I do.

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