September 25th, 2009

fuffy party it up

Birthday Wishes

to rebcakeand snickfic! I hope you both had a wonderful day. I was planning on writing a little something for each of you, but work has taken me away from fic the last few days. I'll owe you one. *wink*

In other news, I haven't checked my flist in about 3 days since work's been keeping me busy and I've been out in the evenings, so if there's anything I missed or you think I'd enjoy, feel free to drop a link. I'm planning to make three posts tonight or tomorrow - I finished S1 of True Blood, so there will be thoughts. I've been meaning to plug the upcoming Ken Burns documentary on PBS this weekend on the National Park system and will post a few pics of me at the ones I visited on my roadtrip. I also have been meaning to compile a list of fics that feature or include in some capacity menstruation, either in sex or as an actual plot point. urania_calliopemade a post about this recently and I've been meaning to impart some thinky thoughts on the matter. I can only think of a few stories off the top of my head with this sort of content, so if you know of any now, start dropping links. I'd like to make as comprehensive a list as possible.