September 20th, 2009

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A Love Letter To My First Fandom - The Batverse

I've been feeling rather nostalgic lately for my first true fandom. I'm not sure why, but that old longing of yore has crept up on me. You see, before there was Buffy/Spike there was Batman/Catwoman and Nightwing/Oracle. Here's a brief history on how I got into them  - TV and comics brought me to fanfic - the first fic stories that made an impression on me, an it's similarities to why I heart certain Buffyverse characters and my own writing.

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So, I've shown you mine. Why not show me yours? What was your first fandom and, if you read fanfiction for it, can you remember the first story you read or one that made a major impression on you?

I will also happily accept recs for Batman/Catwoman or Nightwing/Oracle fanfiction. *holds out hands imploringly*
Spawn cheek brush

Spawn manip

I put in a mod request over at nekid_spikeearlier this month for a story art/manip for my upcoming Spike/Dawn future fic and this is what the talented angelstoy came up with. Is that not incredibly lovely?

I'm so backwards though, I swear. Yes, let's write the remix of the concept before you write the original concept! Dumbass. But, I did get down 500 words on the seasonal_spuffyremix this afternoon, so progress is being made, if only little bits at a time. I might even make my deadline this time! Anyone know when enigmaticblues is going to be sending out our posting dates, btw?