September 12th, 2009

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True Blood - I'm There

My office is across the street from HBO's corporate headquarters in New York, so whenever I walk up 6th Ave. to go to work, I'm always inundated by promotional flyers and the plate glass display of the HBO store hocking their Flight of the Concords, True Blood, and Sex and the City merchandise. I've been vaguely interested in True Blood, but not enough to go out and get the DVDs until this week when we had a meeting with the HBO licensing head honchos about possibly creating some branded TB product for them. My interest piqued, I watched the first two-episide disc from Netflix on Wednesday evening and LOVED it.

As I've mentioned before, watching Buffy in the days of yore was mother and daughter bonding time in the Cat residence, so naturally I invited Mom to watch these eps, too. Maybe we could relive the magic together, you know? And we did, we really did. The show is so darn campy, the Southern accents are atrocious, Sookie's infatuation with Bill is so why? (I mean, he looks like he's been dead for 100+ years and possibly been doing meth the entire time), and yet none of that matters. I was sucked in from the get go by, of all people, Lafayette. Hilarious! What a queen! Can I lock him up in my closet with Adam Shankman, so that my life may always be filled with snarky one-liners?

There's definately a lot of similiarities to Buffy -- how can there not, after all? -- but I'm definately intrigued by the world they've created and like the premise of vampires being a somewhat exotic, mysterious, public Other in the landscape of American politics. I hope they get more into the social realities of what their emergence and burgeoning rights mean. Not that really graphic sex acts aren't entertainment enough, but... you know. Plot is good, too.

So, what should I expect? Does it get better/worse as the series progresses? So far Sookie is acceptably independent and badass, but if she starts mooning over Bill like a love struck puppy just cause she drank some "libido enhancing" (wtf?) vamp blood, I'm outta here.