September 7th, 2009


A Rec & Musings on Distrct 9

The other night I read Memory Shines Like Teeth and Moonlight by lynnenne and kita0610 and it was incredible. I don't read much Spike/Angel, but I would if they were always written the way they were in this fic. It's lyrical, chock full of emotion, so true to character that I feel comfortable saying this is my Spike and Angel, and actually made me think of not only what I was learning about the characters, but also my own romantic relationships. There was something very true and human about what was being said in that fic and think in part it is this - we are the sum of our pasts. It's what leads us to our present and everything that came before is not invalidated in deference to the Now. We love currently, we loved then, and we love others and there's nothing wrong with that. It was beautiful, heart felt, and satisfying because it explains us as much as it explains them. Go leave the girls some love. They deserve it.

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