August 11th, 2009

dear lord

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Nothing says "back from vacation" like spending 10+ hours at work. I'll try and get to everyone's comments tomorrow evening, though it might have to wait until Wednesday since I'll be at a BBQ with my girlfriends down in SoHo tomorrow night. Similarly, the last part of my Writer Con posts will be temporarily delayed.

It's past midnight and I still need to take a shower and dry my hair before I can go to sleep. Also on my to do list is procur a hotel for my weekend trip to DC. I'm having problems finding places to stay for under $100 a night. Any suggestions? Gus and I will be driving down late Friday afternoon and then spending all of Saturday and Sunday morning in the Capitol. I'll be dropping by the National Zoo and the Phillips Collection, will spend time with a high school friend of mine and visit eowyn_315 in her new Arlington digs. It'll be an action packed weekend, for sure. And what does Monday bring? Me working at a freakin' trade show. I have to be there at 9am. Just shoot me.

Also considering signing up for seasonal_spuffy. I'd like to participate, but I'm very nervous about making deadlines and don't have any inspiration for the pairing. What can I say about those two? Beats the hell out of me. For some reason I feel more confident about November's iwry_marathon, but I don't really have any Bangel ideas either. All my in-progress shots in my WIP folder feature Faith, damnit!