August 7th, 2009

special hell

WriterCon - The Friday Edition

Though several days after the fact, at last I’ve gotten a chance to write up my experience at this year’s WriterCon. In contrast to others who might have had a much more fannish few days in Minneapolis, I spent the majority of my time with only_passenger and was really interested in seeing the city and getting a feel for the local culture. Last year on my road trip, most of my time in MN was spent in the suburbs, so it felt important that I get a taste of what downtown Minneapolis had to offer too. This report will include a fair amount of detail for the benefit of those that weren’t in attendance, like descriptions of the spaces, so feel free to skim if certain things are already familiar to you. I plan on posting three separate parts – one part for each corresponding day of my stay. So without further delay, this was my Thursday and Friday.

*FYI - the coding for using people's LJ names persists as a problem and ruins my formatting, so everyone's names will just be bolded.

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