July 18th, 2009

Dawn outsider

Writercon musings and song prompts

I realized it's been some time since I last posted and wanted to pop in for a quick update. WriterCon is fast approaching and I've been feeling rather antsy about fic because of it. The last few months, I've been a writer that hasn't wrtten anything. A bit disconcerting given the name and nature of the con. I have a number of unfinished fics, some more finished than others. There are also quite a few fragments scattered through the wasteland of my fic Word file. I'm not quite sure what to do with all this. Usually trying to pick up something I've previously worked on feels very forced. I have to want to continue on a piece to get any headway. Starting fresh tends to give me a bit of momentum in circumstances like this where I'm eager but not inspired to put anything to paper.

So, I'm going to try something different. I'm a big fan of So You Think You Can Dance and admire the way a choreographer is able to string a narrative together using the narrative of another medium, namely song. I don't often use songs as inspiration for fic, which is why I'm turning to you. I would love you to link to either the music video or lyrics of a song that you're particularly fond of for whatever reason. It doesn't have to be a song that directly relates to characters on BtVS, but it can be. Along with the song, describe briefly how it makes you feel. I have no idea what the response to this post will be, so I won't promise a fic for everyone, but maybe one of these narratives will jarr me into coming up with an idea of my own :)

Rogue Poet Awards and the kinda_gay_award also recently announced their winners. Both Severed and Sewn and Call it Closure won a few pretties along the way. Thanks very much to the judges and those that nominate stories. I haven't been very active lately, but I have been a busy little nominating fairy and hope others will join me in nominating your favorite and deserving fics at this round of the Fang Fetish Awards.

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