June 1st, 2009

Buffy just a girl

Fang Fetish Awards

Fang Fetish Awards just announced the winners of their latest round and I picked up a few awards. This round was a rough one for the mods and I want to thank them, the other judges and the graphics team for putting in such a monumental effort and allowing me to participate (as a judge), as well. I'm especially boggled by the beautiful plaques that their new artist

amyxaphania created. Seriously. You guys have to see them. She illustrated the Rare Pairings section. I covet like whoa.

Off Route 17 (Buffy/Angel) 

The Hard Choices (Gen - Angel, Joyce. Buffy)

I also want to congratulate the many talented people on my flist with a special shout out to only_passenger for her win as Best Aithor of the round. Three outstanding fics won in their respective categories and I highly encourage you to check them out - Surfacing (Buffy/Xander), Grey (Angel/Faith), and Refuge (Spike/Buffy).

In general, there were a number of exceptionally good fics this round that I'd love to rec. There was even a rare slash pairing that majorly impressed me. Who would have guessed? But I do love to be surprised and have my biases shattered. It's very satisfying to read something you're sure you won't like and then you do. So, expect a post pimping the hell out this round's talent later today or tomorrow. There will be right-ups.