May 10th, 2009


Some thoughts on Equinox, Star Trek and the Robins

Happy Mother's Day everyone. I had a bit of time, so I thought I'd updated you on the birdy situation and other goings on in the life of moi. First off, the "drabbles" have gone well. The final three that I have I'm not getting inspiration for as readily as the first four, so I'm not sure how quick I'll be able to crank them out. Perhaps I'm over thinking them?

For some reason, writing all these rare pairings has really got me hankering to try Dawn/Angel. I have no idea what I want to write about them. It's unusual for me to feel inspired to do a particular pairing without any notions of plot or purpose beforehand. I'm willing to throw it out there. Anyone have any brilliant ideas?

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Is it just me or...

do Illyria and Spock have a strangely similar speech pattern? Now, they're not the same, of course. Illyria speaks with an almost lyrical cadence. She doesn't understand humans, she's forceful and aggressive, but there is something scrubbed and clinical about her observations. Spock uses his words economically, only revealing what's necessary. It's robotic with human nuance thrown in. 

Hm, crossover, anyone?

Also, how great was Dollhouse the other night? Finally getting Amy Acker's backstory was such a treat and she was rockin' that bod! Having kids filled her out nicely. She's left her frail Fred behind (and good riddence).