May 5th, 2009

dawn jailbait

Ficlet - Just Dancing (Faith/Dawn)

Title: Just Dancing

Author: clawofcat & [info]only_passenger
Timing: S7 during “Empty Places”
Rating: PG-13

Pairing: Faith/Dawn
Words: 799
Summary: When the Potentials need to blow off steam, Faith takes the girls out to the Bronze. A dance with Dawn gets her more than she bargained for.  

A/N: For snowpuppies, who asked for a Faith/Dawn drabble. About a year and a half ago, only_passenger and I were messing around and decided to co-write, as an exercise, a series of related vignettes featuring Faith. This scene was one of those vignettes. Part of the challenge was to merge our writing styles together to form a cohesive narrative voice. For those of you familiar with both our work and/or styles, feel free to try and guess who wrote which part.

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