April 12th, 2009


Fic: The Do That Girl (draft)

Nothing terribly important to report, except that the desire to write fic has been a little stronger the last two weeks. only_passenger and I have been throwing some ideas back and forth, which motivated me to take a peek at my WIP folder this afternoon and see what's knocking around in there. Three fics stood out to me as particularly well-written. The common thread? They all feature Faith. What's in the running? Post-NFA Faith/Angel/Spike, S3 ep-stealer Faith/Giles, and a pre-series Faith/Other.

Although not currently complete, I wanted to post the Faith/Other because the writing is pretty top notch. For those who like Faith, you might get some insight into her character, but you'll primarily get some really hot teenage sex, and who doesn't like that? I'm not sure what the point of this flashback is yet, but maybe your comments will steer me in a direction so I can wrap this up. 


Title: The Do That Girl

Author: ClawofCat

Timing: BtVS S2

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Faith/OC

Warnings: Explicit sexual situations, including rimming, anal, underage sex and drinking, and references to rape and physical abuse

Words: 2000 (for now)

Summary: In the midst of her disastrous home life, Faith finds freedom in her late night rendezvous with long time friend and sexual partner, Danny. When they reach a crossroads in their physical relationship, Faith has to make a choice. 


A/N: For only_passenger. Okay, so, the premise of the fic sort of got away from me. I was going for that girl who does that thing and got instead that girl who doesn’t want to do that thing, but does when she finds the right person. Go figure.


Although it’s not explicitly stated, I intended this fic to take place shortly before Faith is called, which would be compliant with BtvS S2. She’s in high school, while Danny is a few years older, probably a drop out. This is, of course, only one possible back story for Faith’s home life, but one that I felt served the needs of this story. I also drew some inspiration from the Barenaked Ladies song “In the Car,” which you can listen to HERE.  


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