January 15th, 2009


Off to Cancun!

Yup, my flight's this morning and I'm really excited. It's dropped into the teens and single digits here in NYC, so I'm really looking forward to that 70 degree weather in Mexico. I'll be back on Tuesday and will be sure to post lots of pictures. On the itinerary: Beach, hike at the Mayan Ruins, snorkeling excursion on the Riviera Maya and a dolphin/manatee swim on Isla Mujeres.

For those of you wondering where I've been, I joined a gym last week and have been doing lots of planning for the trip and working to fund it. I'll probably have a bit more time to hang around on LJ when I get back. If there's anything I've mised (which is entirely likely), drop a link in comments.

I've also posted a ton of recs over at buffyversetop5 . Go browse for the best fandom contributions of 2008. When I get back I'll post a masterlist of links to each rec thread I did.

Hope you're all well!