December 9th, 2008

freaking out

RL just takes the fun out of things

Don't you just hate it when RL becomes a "thing?" That thing you have to deal with. Yeah, me too. With the new year looming on the horizon, my health insurance under my dad's plan runs out and my current employer does not offer insurance to his part-time employees (I basically work 35 hours/week). A few things can happen. 1. I'm offered a full time position and I get health-insurance. 2. I look for another job (which is in the card come January), 3. I can be without health insursance (NO), and 4. COBRA kicks in and I have to pay the monthly fee out of pocket, which runs about $450 a month without dental. Soooo... things are going to get more expensive for the short term. Yay. I've been tweaking my resume and geting things ready to go after the holidays. I suppose I'm in a decent position. At least I have a job. I'm not desperate for income. It just freaks me out not to be insured. Shit happens, you know? Hence, all the medical appointments I crammed in October and the widsom teeth extraction.

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Xander thinking

White Knight Awards

Much to my surprise, I found out that I have been nominated at the White Knight Awards, a Xander award site. The fic in question is my season 3 Faith/Xander story Learning Curve. It's up for best characterization, sex, humor and het author. Head on over, take a look at the nominees, and cast your VOTE!

Fang Fetish Awards is also currently taking nominations and could use a bunch in the Spuffy and Vampiric categories. Show some love and nominate your favorite fics of the season. So much has been produced recently between various ficathons and holiday offerings that there has to be at least one that made you go wow!