November 23rd, 2008


Cue Hysterical Ranting

OMFG, it's done!!! The Bangel is done. This was some experience. Coming in at 8000+ words, this fic is the longest I've ever written. It's big, real big and I cherish it, even if it was intense and I doubted myself on numerous occasions while writing it. My beta had a lot of faith in me on this one and I really couldn't have done it without her andonly_passenger's support and cheerleading. It's with the beta now, so there might be some work to put into it yet, but the bulk of it is behind me. I want a cookie or something, a big freakin' cookie.  

In other news, I want to thank the kind someone(s) that nominated Wool Over My Eyes at Fang Fetish Awards, rwsawards, and a few other places that I'm forgetting at moment.

Now I have to go and collapse. *thud*