November 19th, 2008

Fangel vs. Spuffy

Wisdom teeth update

I returned to work today, but only stayed for five hours. My left cheek started hurting and I got very tired. Since I last posted, the  swelling is almost completely gone, but there is still some bruising. Most of it has faded to a greenish yellow. Saturday and Sunday nights I had a lot of trouble sleeping through the night. I woke up in pain numerous times. To make up for the deficit, I slept much of Monday and gave myself one extra day yesterday to let some of the swelling heal up. I also ran through the course of codeine and was switched to vicodin, which I didn't like at all. One pill wasn't enough and two made me feel sick - mostly nauseated, shaky and vertigo-ish. I only took it the once and stuck with Advil the rest of the time. Of everything I took, that seemed to be the most effective.

I'm still eating mushy food, but can brush my teeth pretty easily now and can open my jaw fairly wide. I'm not 100%, but getting there. I'd just like the numbness and pain in my left cheek to let up a little. The healing/burning sensation can get intense. Friday I'm going in for a follow-up. I also believe they will take out the stitches, which haven't dissolved, but aren't bothering me in any way.

No surprise, I'm still freaking out about my Bangel entry for iwry_marathon. I need to send my fic in sometime on Sunday and I am woefully behind. Not only am I avoiding writing, but I also don't want to write. I just want to loaf around and do nothing. I also just finished up doing a round of judging, so reading isn't at the top of my to-do list either. Ultimately, I'll have to bite the bullet though and see if I can pull something together that will satisfy me. Bah. I want to go back to those sex prompt fics. Those were fun!