November 13th, 2008

Bangel shelter

I come bearing recs

The saga of the Bangel fic I've been working on for iwry_marathon continues on like an evil, rabid animal. I've been having a lot of problems writing it. I think I'm intimidated. It could be so good, but I'm unsure if I can meet my own expectations. I haven't been this scared and unsure about a fic since Drive it Home, which I posted in July 2007! And it's just so long. *sigh* I have a week and a half to finish it, so... fingers crossed!

To compound my "scared" and "unsure," I'm having all four of my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow. I've never had surgery before or been under anesthesia, so there's that little part of my brain shrieking, "What if you don't wake up!?" I'm also not looking forward to the pain. No doubt, I'll be quite close to my codeine prescription for the next few days. I'd like to be able to write while bedridden, but I don't know if I'll be coherant enough to do so.

I've also been responsible for a lot of betaing and judging obligations recently, so I feel a little torn between that and working on my own material. I haven't read one entry at seasonal_spuffy this round, so if you want to rec your Top 3 favorite fics, go for it. I don't want to have to slog through the entries.

And, to the original purpose of my post - recs! I have been keeping up with the iwry_marathon entries, and boy, there have been some good ones. These are Buffy/Angel fics. No surprise, I'm not particularly well-versed in that ships bullpen of writers. So, without further ado, two new-to-me writers and two incredible fics that should not be missed. 

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